This Actor Admitted That It Was Quite Different From What He Had Anticipated to Be Filming Intimate Scenes With Sydney Sweeney

Looking back, fans were blind to a lot of what happened on Euphoria. One of them involved a phony Sydney Sweeney in front of our faces during a specific series stunt. But when it came to private moments, the actress performed them alone without the aid of a doppelganger.

Jacob Elordi shared details of the behind-the-scenes workings. We will disclose the reason for Elordi’s statement that the experience was quite unlike anything he had ever done on the show. Furthermore, we’ll examine a particular scenario that was ultimately improved upon, as suggested by both Sydney Sweeney and Elordi.

Intimate scenes from Sweeney’s tenure on Euphoria and the revealing scenes she declined will be highlighted in our conclusion.

Shooting With Sydney Sweeney, According to Jacob Elordi, Was an Entirely Different Experience

In an unexpected plot twist in season two of Euphoria, Nate and Cassie ended up dating. In an interview with EW, Jacob Elordi talked candidly about what happened. The actor disclosed that the dynamic between his scenes with Sweeney and the show’s Maddy, Alexa Demie, was quite different.

Regarding filming private sequences with Sydney Sweeney, what statement did Elordi make?

  • It was “completely different working with Syd,” Elordi confessed.
  • I attempted to approach that specific plot almost like I was creating a romantic comedy because I needed to change the way I perceived her. In contrast, it was quite dramatic when I worked with Alexa during the previous season. I had to treat every scene as though it were a battle since everything was aggressive, tense, and anxious all the time.”

The performer goes on, “With Sydney, as I mentioned before, this season was about love for me; I never really gave love any thought in the first season. I thus attempted to perform the scenes almost as though I were creating an entirely new film, you know?”

Was it enjoyable for Elordi to work with Sydney Sweeney?

  • “Working with her was an absolute pleasure since she is so, so wonderful at what she does. Every take, every scene—she brings it,” Elordi disclosed.

Sydney Sweeney, Who Was Working With Jacob Elordi, Also Requested That a Scene Be Changed

Sydney Sweeney

Sweeney and Elordi had a great rapport as well as being highly involved in their roles on the show. This was especially true during a scene where Nate and Cassie got into a fight. Sam Levinson was asked to rewrite a certain sequence, according to an intriguing behind-the-scenes revelation disclosed by Sweeney.

What alteration was requested by Sweeney and Elordi?

  • Jacob and I performed the scene exactly as it was intended, and we thought, ‘There is so much more here that’s pent up,'” Sweeney disclosed. Let’s construct it.”
  • Sydney went on, “I let any judgment of myself go.” “I’m very proud of the meltdown Cassie had this season.”
  • Cassie’s famous “I’m crazier” statement is what came of it.

The two had a gripping tale that was enhanced by the adjustment. The two celebrities obviously had a lot of chemistry together.


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