Thirty Nine Season 2 Release Date: What We Know So Far!

South Korean slice-of-life drama Thirty-Nine centres on the friendship, love, and relationships of three friends who are approaching their forties. Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-Hyun are its main actors. On February 16, 2022, it debuted on the Korean television network JTBC with weekly broadcasts. Netflix also offered a streaming version of the show.

Right now, predicting the series’ future is pretty difficult. However, the cliffhanger finale of the first season had left room for a second. Will it come back? Let’s find out what the show’s creator and the major streaming service have to say about it.

Quick Facts About Thirty Nine Season 2

Name Thirty Nine Season 2
Available on  HBO Max, Netflix
Genre Drama, Romance
Writer Young Ah Yoo
Director Sang-ho Kim, Kim Sang-Ho
Thirty Nine Season 1 Release Date 16 Feb. 2022
Thirty Nine Season 2 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

Thirty Nine Season 1 Overview

Thirty-Nine’s first season showed us that Cha Mi-Jo told her two closest pals she was taking a break.

Later, chance meetings and flowers with a pleasant aroma bring Kim Seou-u and Mi-jo closer. After that, Kim Jin-seok urges Jeong Chan-young to reconsider their split since he is unwilling to let her go.

Mi-jo soon receives both terrible news and a confession that sends her heart racing. Then Chan Young is confronted by Jin Seok’s wife. Mi Jo tries to vent her frustration on someone else because she lacks the nerve to inform Chan Young of the diagnosis.

On the other side, Chan Young and Jin Seok share their secrets with one another, and then Seon Woo is alarmed by a friend’s report of seeing Kim So Won somewhere.

Chan Young later compiles a bucket list of things she wants to do for her loved ones. Then, Mi Jo comforts a troubled Seon U who subsequently holds himself responsible for So Won’s woes. See what happens after that.

Thirty-Nine season 2 is anticipated to pick off where the first season left off. The second season of the television show Thirty-plot Nine’s has not been updated.

Expected Premiere Date of Thirty Nine Season 2

The release date for Thirty Nine’s upcoming season has not been revealed. It’s uncertain whether season 2 will have the same actors. A fresh screenplay with new performers can be requested by the audience, which is a wonderful thing. If the creators make a statement on Thirty-Nine season 2, we’ll keep you informed. You’ll have to count the days the same way we do.

Expected Cast: Who Will Be in It?

The major characters would eventually return if the show got a second season. Son Ye-jin will make a comeback as Cha Mi-jo, the Gangnam Dermatology Clinic’s director, who is 39 years old. In honor of her friends, Jeon Mi-do will make a comeback as Jeong Chan-young, a 39-year-old acting instructor.

Kim Ji-Hyun, 39, will work as the department store Jang Joo-cosmetics hee’s manager. Along with them, Yeon Woo-jin as Kim Seon-woo, Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Jin-Seok, and Lee Tae-hwan as Park Hyun-Joon will make a comeback.

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The Plotline: What We Can Expect From the Season 2

For the viewers, the conclusion was a tragic event. Chan Young becomes weak and collapses in front of her family and friends. They made the decision to take care of her right now by acting as a shield. She appreciated the love she had received from her family and friends.

Thirty Nine Season 2 Release Date

Her friends were attempting to make her stronger, but she was still losing parts of herself. Mi Jo and Joo Hae afterwards came to the conclusion that Chan Young required a photo for a burial.

In order to capture Chan Young smiling, they plan to conduct a fun photo shoot. Chan Young eventually provided Mi Jo the list of persons to call during her burial, and Mi Jo thought it may be the ideal opportunity for them to get in touch with her.

Even if she passes away in the end, there is still room for the possible supporting cast members that are based on her. Therefore, if the programme returns for a second season, it might focus on Mi Jo’s reaction to Chan Young’s passing.

Is There Any Official Trailer of Thirty Nine Season 2?

Thirty-Nine Season 2‘s official trailer hasn’t yet been made public. Following the confirmation of Season 2 of Thirty-Nine, it appears that it will be published soon. Let’s watch the Thirty-Nine series’ first season trailer. Look at it below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Season Two of Thirty-nine?

On JTBC, you can watch the television show Thirty-Nine. You may view it on Netflix as well. The Thirty-Nine television series’ second season has not yet been revealed.

Maybe JTBC and Netflix will both release the second season of the television show Thirty-Nine.

Is Thirty Nine Valuable for Viewing?

Yes, it’s worthwhile to watch the Thirty-Nine series. The audience has responded favorably to it, and it has a terrific tale.

This K-drama has a lot of intriguing components that make it exciting to watch because it is so current and relatable! You will fall in love with the character because of all the heartwarming stories in the plot.

What Are Thirty Nine’s IMDB Ratings?

Thirty-Nine has an IMDB rating of 7.4/10.