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Then Came You is a romantic comedy film directed by Adriana Trigiani and based on a script by Kathie Lee Gifford, set to be released in 2020. Craig Ferguson, Gifford, Ford Kiernan, Phyllida Law, and Elizabeth Hurley are among the cast members. Vertical Entertainment distributed the picture in theatres in the United States on September 30, 2020. You can also watch it on Hulu.

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Then Came You Casting

  • Howard is played by Craig Ferguson.
  • Annabelle is played by Lee Gifford.
  • Gavin is played by Kiernan.
  • Arlene is played by Phyllida Law.
  • Clare is played by Elizabeth Hurley.

Then Came You Production

Kathie Lee Gifford and Craig Ferguson joined the cast in May 2018, with Adriana Trigiani directing the film based on Gifford's screenplay. Brett James would compose new music for the film, with Gifford writing the words and singing the theme song, “Love Me to Death.”

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Then Came You Release Date

Then Came You released in United States theatres on 30th September, 2020 distributed by Vertical Entertainment. It released in Australian theaters on 11th March,2021. You can also watch in Hulu.

Then Came You official synopsis

Annabelle, a heartbroken widow, decides to take a trip across the world with her husband's ashes in tow to see the locations they adored in movies. She eventually arrives to Howard's Inn on Loch Lomond, which is operated by a Scotsman (played by Ferguson). The two meets at the first stop on her planned tour, and their lives are permanently transformed by a second chance at love.

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Then Came You Plot

Following the death of her husband Fred, Annabelle (Kathie Lee Gifford) goes on a European adventure to cross some items off her bucket list and begin afresh. Her first port of call? She meets the inn's proprietor Howard (Craig Ferguson) at the Awd House Inn in Scotland, with whom she has an instant bond.

Despite the fact that the two seem to recognize the connection, they continue their somewhat antagonistic conversation, with Howard defending his own past as a widower and Annabelle shutting down any jokes Howard tries to make about her husband's ashes being kept in a chocolate box (his favorite movie was Forrest Gump).

Despite the fact that Howard is now engaged to Clare (Elizabeth Hurley), a woman with whom he has little connection, the two immediately fall in love. Annabelle spends her time at the inn processing her loss, fixing a few things (Howard is severely understaffed), and coming to a few realizations.

Howard, for all his jokes and antics, is actually pretty mushy underneath it all, and while finding love after a loss may have seemed impossible at one point for the two of them, they may be surprised by the end of it all. Read more about See season 2 release date: ready to watch this sci-fi drama on!

Then Came You Review

Then Came You is a vanity project if there ever was one, with writer/producer/lead Kathie Lee Gifford rolling out cliched dialogue and all-too-obvious “acting” amid embarrassingly soft filters and a Scottish countryside that, although attractive, isn't shot from a helicopter.

Gifford's Annabelle Wilson – equally stuffy as she is sunny – has long given up her entertainment dreams and traded in for a suburban living with husband Fred in Nantucket, using her character's aspirations to be a singer as an excuse to burst out into studio-enhanced song whenever she sees fit. Annabelle finds herself widowed after a three-decade husband and a thriving hardware shop; her “talking” aloud in their now-empty house establishing the groundwork for her travel-ready attitude, but also revealing how extremely unnatural Gifford is at emoting.

Because Fred and Annabelle were movie buffs, she's chosen to take her savings and travel around the world, seeing 20 different locations that are all the locations of their favorite films, as a lovely way of honoring Fred's memory. Instead, she makes a claim in Scotland (selected because of the film Braveheart), where she meets Howard(Craig Ferguson), the Awd innkeeper of a 400-year-old castle that he has converted into a beautiful B&B. Of course, we say improbable as if we're shocked the two get together in the first place. With him being so snarky and her being so…American, what could possibly go wrong? but we already know their happy ending before they do, and we wouldn't mind if Gifford opted to sprinkle the writing with some lighthearted content.

Then Came You, like most romantic comedies, hopes that the back-and-forth between Gifford and Ferguson will be enough to pass the time on a story we've seen told previously – and far better – even throwing in the anticipated stunning obstacle of Howard's impending nuptials; not only is he getting married someone extremely boring (a wasted Elizabeth Hurley as an obvious party girl named Clare), but he's also marrying someone incredibly boring (a wasted Elizabeth Hur How could he have kept it from Annabelle?! The marriage subplot raises a lot of questions that shouldn't be raised in such a light film – we don't see any wedding preparations, and their complete lack of chemistry should have been addressed long before a proposal – but, again, all of this would be forgiven if Gifford and Ferguson could muster even a smidgeon of chemistry. See also- Inception 2 Is a Myth? See every possible scenario 

I'm sure there'll be a market for this kind of dated romantic nonsense, and Ferguson – who is admittedly quite roguishly charming on his own – may be enough to keep audiences interested, but Then Came You sadly panders to every genre stereotype possible, treating its characters with such insulting simplicities, which is even more unforgivable when you consider that women were at the center of the story.

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