Unrevealed Facts About TheconservativeTreehouse.com


Updated As on 29  January 2022

We come across various digital news platforms in our daily routine and also we carry various questions in our minds regarding these news portals. One such news portal is a theconservativetreehouse, which carries numerous questions in the reader’s mind. Actually, we also received diverse questions related to the the-conservative treehouse. If you are also the one who is curious about this website then to dive deep in this..be with us till the end.


Today in this article, we will be explaining all your queries- what exactly is theconservativetreehouse.com, its ownership, the medium through which they earn, their domain areas, topics covered by the platform, and many more.

So, let’s dive into it.

What exactly is TheconservativeTreehouse.com


It is a digital news platform that is popularly known as the Last Refuge for many readers. The platform displays itself as a turmoil of the storm, where they reveal all the true stories about each and every event. They present all the essential and minute topic in such a detailed manner so that you can detailed guide regarding the event.

It also describes in detail how conservatives are different from liberals: “Fear is at the core of liberalism and love/trust is at the core of conservatism. Liberalism is about control. Conservativism is about self-empowerment.” To research more, you can visit the link https://theconservativetreehouse.com/.

Ownership Of TheconservativeTreehouse.com

According to some of the sources and conservative bloggers, including Mark Levin, the website’s owner is not disclosed yet, identified the website owner as Mark Bradman, a Floria resident. We are not sure about the ownership information; this is the only available information that we have obtained.

How the theconservativeTreehouse.com earns?

The revenue method of the Conservativetreehouse is through advertisements as well as the donation from the readers. When you visit the site, you will see different advertisements and promotions through this they are earning.

Moreover, you can also donate to the website for noble causes, and it solicits through Paypal.

What type of Content do you get on theconservativeTreehouse.com?

Theconservativetreehouse.com is a diversified news portal where immense topics are covered. No matter what exactly you are looking for it, has something for everyone.

The portal provides you with a search box; as soon as you click on the search box, it will display numerous categories, and from there, you can search for information and gain what you are looking for.

We have presented the detail of categories proposed by the portal, have a look and check and let us know whether your interest resembles any type or not.

Here is a detailed list of the topics that are reported by the platform.


It has news for all the amendments ranging from 1 till amendments 6. It has a plethora of information that will help you to get a deep insight into the Amendments.

A New America:

New America is the next category that the platform has for you. It has more than 1500 articles. You will get all the recent updates on this category.

Abusive Cops and Activist Judges:

Looking for information regarding cops and activists?

Then..find the reports in this section. These are two different categories, and here you will get details about all the abusive cops and activist judges.


AgiProp is a category in which you will find data related to political propaganda, especially in art or, literature, then you must visit this category. So, if you are the one, then this is a must for you.

Ag Jeff Sessions, Angela Corey:

For news related to prominent personalities, it has different categories with their name. You can search directly for the information related to them.

As I remember it:

It has this unique category name As I remember it. In this category, you will get exciting articles like A new Year Dawns, The Turbulent Summer of 2014, The Better option. The category is not updated regularly, but the articles in the category are interesting.

Air Travel:

If you are looking for travel news primarily related to Air, then this category is for you. In this, you will get all news from this category.


There are various categories that are related to Countries like Australia, Japan, N Kores. So, you can check news about these countries directly from here.

It has many categories; we have mentioned all the major categories like Bill Whittle, Cannibalism, Common Core, Conspiracy, Deception, and Flash mode. Still, there are numerous categories, and we can’t discuss all of them; otherwise, the article will become were lengthy.

Highlights of TheconservativeTreehouse.com:

Here, we have mentioned some of the attention-drawing aspects of Theconservativetreehouse.com that you must know and why readers admire this news portal. So, let’s proceed:

  • The website avoids deceptive headlines.
  • It explicitly mentions all the advertisements and labels advertisements as well.
  • The news portal accurately handles the news and opinion sections. The opinion section tells about the opinion of numerous experts regarding the events.

Theconservativetreehouse.com pays attention to all these and is well-known for these acts. But the site has some misleading content as well as cons.

Issues with TheconservativeTreehouse.com

Along with the pros which website offers, it also has some of the issues that are:

  • One of the beliefs regarding the portal is that it doesn’t gather and present information responsibly.
  • It does not regularly correct and clarifies the errors.
  • Still, the ownership of the website is not appropriately disclosed.
  • Moreover, it doesn’t reveal who’s in charge-Whether it is a controversial or conflicts of interest.
  • The names of the content creators and the editors are not mentioned. And any information regarding the same is not disclosed, either their contact or biographical information.
  • According to some of the sources, some of the articles of the theconsevativetreehouse are false and misleading. To know more about this, read the full article.

The credibility of theconservativetreehiuse.com:

This news portal’s credibility is not so good as various articles published on this are creating controversies.

For example:

The website published article name: “Buffalo Officials Duped By Professional Antifa Provocateur – Arrest and Charge Two Police Officers – Righteous Police Team Stand Together and Walk Out…” claimed on June 6, 2020, that a 75-year-old Buffalo, New York, that the publicly shared video of the incident showed that the man, was trying to capture the radio communications signature of the Buffalo police officers by using his cell phone as a capture scanner.

On this Buffalo new, President Trump recommended the Gugino “fell harder than he was pushed. Was aiming scanner.” The president also said that Gugino “could be an ANTIFA provocateur.”

But the conservativeTreehouse.com claimed that it is a tactic of Antifa(capturing the police communications) presenting it as a leaderless, anti-fascist movement. Moreover, the article showed no sign of Gugino was a member of Antifa.

Other misleading news was:

The conservative Treehouse also presented deceptive news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. An April 2020 article titled “Dr. Smith is Very Optimistic About Hydroxychloroquine Treatment:

‘This is the Beginning Of the End of the Pandemic,’” made unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.

The article was based on the Fox News interview with a doctor(Stephen Smith) and said he had treated more than 70 patients with Hydroxychloroquine, and the results were positive by the treatment. But According to Dr. Smith reports, he has not treated any patient with Hydroxychloroquine that has requires intubation.

If you want to know more about these articles, then you can directly search these topics on this website.

Do share your opinion regarding these articles and let us know whether the reports are misleading or not…What you say?

Now, let’s talk about the transparency of the theconservativeTreehouse.com.

Transparency of theconservativeTreehouse.com:

Before telling you our views regarding this site’s transparency, we want you to share your opinion regarding this after reading all of the above information.

Since the ownership of the conservative Treehouse is not mentioned. Moreover, the editor’s names are also not specified, so we doubt the web portal’s transparency. The only mentioned contact details contain email ID, and that is a general email ID. The available email ID is [email protected].

Yes…Yes, we agree that some significant news portals also didn’t specify the Editor’s name, but they always disclose the portal owner, but in this case, ownership is also not revealed. So, something is suspicious.

Concluding Words:

The Conservative Treehouse is a news portal that provides you with information related to various categories. You only need to select the category, and the news will appear of the same type.

We have shared all most of the details regarding TheconservativeTreehouse.com still if you have any questions related to TheconservativeTreehouse, then let us know in the comment section. We will try our best to update the article for you.