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Wolf Pack: American Horror Fantasy Series is Set to Release

The planned American series Wolf Pack tackles the fantasy, drama, and horror genres. The planned television series is based on Edo Van Belkom’s novel series. The series is directed by Jason Ensler and co-written by Edo Van Belkom and Jess Davis. Mike Elliott, Jason Ensler, Carlos Foglia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Joseph P. Genier, Krystal Houghton Ziv, Jeff Davis, and Karen Gorodetzky are the series’ producers. The nation of origin is the United States, and the language of origin is English.

Release Date of The Wolf Pack

The forthcoming television series Wolf Pack is anticipated to premiere on January 26, 2023. It is important to note that the series will be available to audiences in the United States and Canada on January 26, whilst audiences in the United Kingdom and Australia will be able to see the new series on January 27.

The release dates for the film in other nations have not been disclosed in detail, but it is likely that the film’s creators will soon announce the dates for its distribution in other countries.

Where You Can Watch Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack will be available on Paramount+, an internet streaming service. It should be noted that only subscribers will be able to view the series on the day of its release. Since the series is very new, it is still unknown what additional online streaming platforms it will be accessible to viewers.

Wolf Pack: American Horror Fantasy Series is Set to Release

The Plot of Wolf Pack

According to the producers, the plot of the television series Wolf Pack centers around the lives of two adolescents, Blake and Everett. After a sudden outbreak of wildlife in California, a supernatural creature is born, upending the lives of both teenagers.

During the attack, both of them, along with two other teens, identical twins Harlan and Luna (who sixteen years before were cared for by a park ranger when another unexplained wildfire broke out), were injured. During the full moon, the adolescents join together to uncover the mystery and determine why they are attracted to staying together.

The Cast of Wolf Pack

The series stars Armani Jackson as Everett Lang, Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro, Typer Lawrence Gray as Harlan Briggs, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs, Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristen Ramsey, and Jason Jang as Jason Jang (played by Lanny Joon).

Wolf Pack: American Horror Fantasy Series is Set to Release

Bailey Stender, Chase Liefeld, Hollie Bahar, Rio Mangini, Stella Smith, Zack Nelson and James Martinez, Amy Pietz, Bria Brimmer, John L. Adams, and Sean Philip Glasgow have been named as recurring cast members of the upcoming season.

No new cast members have been confirmed by the producers as of yet.

What We Can Expect From Wolf Pack?

The most crucial thing to notice about the new series is that it is unrelated to and not a continuation of Jeff Davis’ Teen Wolf. The television series based on the book series by Canadian author Edo Van Belkom will differ in some circumstances.

In contrast to the novel, which is set in British Columbia, the television series will be based on an event that occurred in California. The creators of the program have also announced that while the backstories of the characters will be adapted from the novel, the show will also have its own tale for each character that will propel them into new adventures.

Episodes Guide to Wolf Pack 

The series’ creators have not yet provided the official episode guide. Ten episodes are anticipated for the first season of the forthcoming television show. Each episode is scheduled to run approximately forty-two to fifty minutes on average. The series’ native language is English. However, various dubbed versions may be accessible.

Is the Wolf Pack Trailer Available?

The official trailer for the new series Wolf Pack was released on the official YouTube account of Paramount+ on October 8, 2022.