The Witch Part 2 Subversion Sequel (The Other One) Release Date| Confirmed: The Shooting of The Film Has Now Completed

The first movie was a huge success and we’re sure this one will be too. It stars some of your favorite actors from other popular movies, so you know it’s going to be good. If you loved the first one, then don’t miss out on seeing this sequel!

But when will the witch part 2 season come? What will be the release date, cast, plot and trailer of the witch part 2 (the other one)?

When The Shooting of The Witch Part 2 (The Other One) Shooting has been completed?

In April 2021, the shooting of the witch part 2 was completed but till date, there is no announcement from the directors and star cast of the company.

Of course, we can’t wait to see what happens next in this thrilling story about witches and magic spells. You won’t want to miss out on seeing all of your favorite characters back together again for another adventure!

Have you ever seen a ghost or a witch in your real life? Even if you haven’t seen it, but surely you must have listened to some stories about witches? Our Korean film’s director,  Park Hoon-Jung worked on a film whose center point he gave to the character of a witch.

This is a story of a young girl who escapes from a strange research facility after a savage occurrence that leaves some dead. Two individuals that run the lab, Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi, think of her as dead.

The young lady implodes on a homestead, where she is found by the proprietor, Mrs. Goo. and Mr. Goo. His better half medical caretakers the young lady back to wellbeing and takes on her.

After 10 years, the young lady, named Ja-Yoon, is carrying on with a typical existence with no memory of her past. Her family is battling monetarily, her mom is giving early indications of dementia, and Ja-Yoon is experiencing intermittent portions of headaches.. And the story continues…

The film features Kim Da-mi as Ja-Yoon, Jo Min-Su as Dr. Baek, Choi Woo-Shik as Nobleman, Park Hee-soon as Mr. Choi, Go Min-si as Do Myung-hee, Choi Jung-woo as Teacher Goo, Oh Mi-hee as Teacher Goo’s wife, Jung Da-eun as Girl with long hair and some more Korean faces.

The plotline for the story and the acting of the stars is commendable which is the reason it brings around 3.18 million moviegoers. And now everyone out is looking for its the second part, so when we are getting or are we really getting it? 

When We Are Getting The Witch Part 2?

Off-course, we can prepare ourselves for “The Witch Part 2” as we have learned from recent sources that the movie completed its shoot a while back.

However, the first part of the movie came in 2018 and just a couple of weeks later the movie was sent for the development of its sequel by the same officials.

As indicated by a Twitter client, the second piece of ‘The Witch: Part 1. Disruption’ will be named ‘The Witch: Part 2. The Collision.’ Have a look:

Now coming to the character for the film, are we going to meet our old characters again this time or not?

Who Will Be In The Witch Part 2?

Now talking about the cast, Kim Da-mi is definitely going to be in the film again because without her the show is not possible… Da-mi is the main lead of the film playing the role of Ja-Yoon.

Rather then we could also hope to get some of the professional and fresh faces to be added in the sequel. The new figures are going to fill the empty slots of those who died in the chief part of the series.

Do you want to remember the old characters, then come see-

  • Kim Da-mi as Ja-yoon
  • Jo Min-su as Dr. Baek
  • Choi Woo-shik as Nobleman
  • Park Hee-soon as Mr. Choi
  • Go Min-si as Do Myung-hee
  • Choi Jung-woo as Teacher Goo
  • Oh Mi-hee as Teacher Goo’s wife
  • Jung Da-eun as Girl with long hair
  • Kim Byeong-ok as Police Officer Do
  • Lee Joo Won as CEO Sung

When we get the names of the new characters then we are going to add more in this section, till then enjoy our latest post- Dynasty Season 4 Netflix: When Will Dynasty Season 4 Come?

the witch part 2

The Witch Part 2 “The Other One” Release Date:

Yes, it’s confirm by Korean Dreama List that the The Witch Part 2 Season 1 will be released in 2021 but as the information are not enough, we will need to wait for the actual release date.

The Witch Part 2 Trailer

The witch part 2 trailer is yet to come and as trailer is not launched yet, I don’t think that movie will be released in 2021 but we can expect that the movie will come in mid and late 2022.

We need to wait for the official updates…

Shouldn’t Be Said Something About The Witch And Its Sequel?

The story is based on a young girl who gets away from a laboratory after some violence happened this incident takes the lives of so many people.

Two members Dr. Baek and Mr. Choi think that the girl is no more now. The girl went to a farm, where she found out about Mrs. Goo & Mr. Goo. His wife takes care of her and adopts her.

After 10 years this girl was named Ja-yoon, she is living a normal life here without remembering her past life. She and her family is struggling financially, Ja-yoon is having migraines.

To earn money, she decides to sing in a singing competition where she can win a prize Here she impressed the judges with her unique talent- she floats the mic with her telekinetic ability.

Nobleman wants to take her to the laboratory, if she disagrees with him then he will kill her parents. She agrees to go to the laboratory, where is restrained.

Dr. Baek explained that he created Ja-yoon and she has special powers, three months later, Ja-yoon comes into the home of Dr. Baek’s twin sister.

She gives her more serum. A mysterious woman find out Ja-yoon but Ja-yoon scared her that she will kill her if she touches her and screen turns to black.

The second installment is going to be more interesting… it is going to open tons of unexplored question and maybe this time the story gets a better ending.


The film opened in South Korea on June 27, 2018. During its debut weekend, the film finished in the first place, ending The Accidental Detective: In Action 2-week box office reign.

It sold more than 735,000 tickets from 1,117 screens from Friday to Sunday, with US$6 million gross during its opening weekend.

In its second weekend, the film finished at second behind Ant-Man and the Wasp, dropping 40% from the last weekend with a US$3.5 million gross from 451,113 tickets sold.

Grossing US$3.1 million on its third weekend, the film finished third behind Ant-Man and the Wasp and newcomer Skyscraper. As of August 23, the film attracted 3,189,092 moviegoers and earned US$24,377,666.

So now it has to be known that how interesting the sequel that is going to come will be… whether it will be able to break the gross records or not? What do you think, share your responses with us!

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