When Will The War Next Door Season 3 Will Be Aired?

The Mexican comedy series The War Next Door premiered on July 7, 2021. After another entertaining second season, fans are eagerly anticipating the premiere of The War Next Door Season 3. This article discusses the Season 3 release date, plot, characters, trailer, and episode count of The War Next Door.

When will The War Next Door Season 3 premiere?

The third season of The War Next Door has not yet been given a release date. The series will certainly receive a third season shortly, but the specific release date and time have not yet been decided. The series will presumably premiere in the middle of 2023.

Where Can I Watch The War Next Door Season 3?

Netflix has both seasons of The War Next Door available. With an annual Netflix subscription, you may view the series online.

The Trailer of The War Next Door Season 3

The Plot of The War Next Door Season 3

There have not yet been any discoveries concerning The War Next Door’s third season. The plot has not yet been revealed. However, the next season will focus on how Tina and Silvia work together to represent the community. It will be intriguing to see where the character’s relationship dynamics take them.

When Will The War Next Door Season 3 Will Be Aired?

Neighbors can be a blessing or a curse for anyone. The tale of The War Next Door is based on this fact. After becoming neighbors, the series follows Silvia Espinoza de Los Montero and Lenor Salcido de Lopez.

Lenor wins a raffle and acquires a large, opulent mansion adjacent to Silvia’s home. However, the two women have their own unresolved business matters, which leads to a vicious neighboring dispute between the two families.

Who Will Appear for the War Next-door Season 3?

However, we anticipate the return of the original cast along with some new recruits. The cast of The War Next-door includes Vanessa Bauche as Leonor Salcido, Ana Layevska as Silvia Espinoza, Pascacio López as Genaro, Elyfer Torres as Tere, Loreto Peralta as Crista, Mark Tacher as Ernesto, Luz Aldán as Agustina, Armando Said as Pablo, Marco León as Diego, Christian Vázquez as Tomas and Sara Isabel Quintero as Dolores.

Recap Summary of The War Next Door Season 2

The second season finale of The War Next Door begins with Tina and Silvia running for Baby Jesus community representatives. The women are engaged in fierce competition to win the election and become a representative. Diego, on the other hand, supports Lenor, while Tere favors Silvia.

When the two are engaged in combat, an unexpected candidate enters the scene. Chayo, who recently returned from the United States, also declares her candidature. This prompts Tina and Silvia to form an alliance against Chayo. In the meantime, Tina and Rigo get into a quarrel because Chayo wants Tina to leave the area so she can win the election.

When Will The War Next Door Season 3 Will Be Aired?

The final results are released, and they are a draw. Tina and Silvia discover Chayo’s secret on Facebook and, consequently, win the election. Christa realizes she has affection for Pablo after he becomes Mr. Barrio. Tere and Pablo broke up as well. However, Tina and Rigo declare their affection and kiss.

The closing picture reveals that the Lopez and Montero families regain their rich status. Nevertheless, Silvia continues to represent the community with Tina.


The Mexican comedy series The War Next Door was adored by viewers. The series also garnered satisfactory ratings. The War Next Door has a score of 5.7/10 on IMDb, 3.5/5 on Leisurebyte, and 3/5 on Ready Steady.


The third season of The War Next Door will be released at some time in the future, and we eagerly await news regarding this series. The show has devoted fans, and we hope the makers will not make them wait too long for the next season.