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The Velocipastor is an American franchise film which is created by Brendan Steere( director and screenwriter). The movie release in Portland for the first time in 2017 and two years later in the United States.

The story starts with Doug Jones, who is a priest. His parents died in a car accident in front of his eyes. He went to China and become infected with artifacts which turned him into a velociraptor, for those who haven't known what Velociprator is then it is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that is found about 75 to 71 million years ago…


Aforementioned the story belongs to Doug Jones, after getting the genus in his body he turned into a dinosaur but he thinks that it is just a bad nightmare but later finds out the real reason.

One day, he finds himself sleeping naked on Carol's bed. He thought that they had done sex with each other… Carol told him what happened the last night. She tells him that he is the only one who gets the powers, so what about using them to destroy the evils.


She convinced him to use the powers for the sake of the peoples… After the entire conversation end! He finds out the main name behind the death of his parents is Frankie Mermaid.


The story has lots of ups and downs in the life of Dong, Carol, and other main leads. In the end, we see both Carol and Dong decided to went on the world tour with the same mindset to help the needy and destroy the evils.

If there be a season second then it will surely start from where it ends! When we get more updates regarding the season second then we will surely gonna update you…

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Velocipastor- Official Teaser!

If you are on the list of those few peoples who haven't seen the movie yet but now after reading you want to watch the movie, isn't it! If so then you here we have the official teaser for you, watch and enjoy this…

Complete Cast of Velocipastor-

The movie signed a number of actors in it, Gregory James Cohan as Doug Jones with Alyssa Kempinski as Carol and Daniel Steere as Father Stewart are in the lead roles.

Other actors who are also in the lead roles are Aurelio Voltaire as Altair, Yang Jiechang as Wei Chan, Jesse Turits as Sam the White Ninja, and Fernando Pacheco de Castro as Frankie Mermaid.

This is not the end of the names, there are other supporting actors too, I think we should recall them too…

  • David Sokol as War Buddy Ali
  • Kathleen Steere as Adeline
  • Claire Hsu as Chinese Villager
  • Nicholas M. Garofolo as Hobo
  • George Schewnzer as Doug's Dad
  • Zachary Steere as Dinosaur Suit Performer
  • Erik Oh as Choi-Min
  • Douglas Saint James as Surgeon
  • Alec Lambert as Thug
  • Janice Young as Doug's Mom
  • Pat Hroncich as Vietnam Soldier
  • Dan Rhoades as Vietnam Soldier
  • Kurt Voltmann as Goliath


History Behind The Movie-

This is a pre-planned movie or we can say that an inspirational one when the show director is attending his School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Not only this the movie's name entered into the mind of the director just by an auto-correct while he was typing “Velociraptor”  and it corrected in “Veloci Pastor“.

One day a project was assigned to all the students that are of making a short film on the fake ground house… This short film becomes a success because he usually gets only forty-five views on his you-tube channel but the short clip crossed more than forty-five thousand views.

After this, he decided to work on a movie named Velocipastor which cost him around $35,000 which he got from a private investor who belongs to one of Steer's friends.

Ratings of Velocipastor-

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie secures a rating of 57% with some mixed critic reviews. On the other hand, IMDb gives this movie a total of 5.1 out of 10 and 2.8/5 from Letterboxd.

Last Lines

The movie is considered as the best one! of its time with a low budget. Fans find this movie great, isn't the movie is adventurous like Jumanji. Have you seen the movie before? Wanna share your reviews with us? Go ahead and share with us in the comment section.

It's time to end the post! Hope you find this post helpful 🙂 If you have any questions that you are willing to ask us then let me know in the below section to give you an instant reply.

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