The Vanished: What Happened in this Netflix’s Phycological Thriller Movie?


Peter Facinelli wrote and directed The Vanished, a psychological thriller film released in 2020. It follows a couple on their search for their daughter, who went missing on a camping trip. The Vanished is available to stream on Netflix.

Given the nature of this post, it should go without saying, but if you haven't seen the movie yet and want to witness The Vanished conclusion unfold without any signs as to what's to come, read on!


What Exactly Happened in The Vanished?

In the beginning of the movie, Paul and Wendy Michaelson, together with their daughter Taylor and pug Lucky, drive their RV to a lonely lakeside campground. While Wendy is gathering supplies, Paul encounters Miranda, a beautiful woman from a nearby campground. When Wendy returns, though, they realize Taylor has vanished.

The Vanished


They make repeated attempts to contact Tom, the supervisor, but to no result. A rescue team is formed by Sheriff Baker and Deputy Rakes, but Paul and Wendy are told to stay put. After 24 hours, Paul and Wendy file a missing person report and learn that there is an ex convict in the area, but he is unlikely to be the perpetrator.

Paul and Wendy decide to explore on their own and come into a man sleeping next to a campfire with a gun. Wendy takes out his handgun, figuring he's the wanted man. The individual who is asleep wakes up and grabs for the pistol, only to be shot.

Following morning, the sheriff reported them that the convict was arrested on a bus leaving town and that a campsite had been killed. Wendy accidentally shot an unarmed man, Paul and Wendy discover. As local officials become increasingly involved, Miranda and her hubby Eric become much more cautious of Paul & Wendy.

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The Vanished

While they're gone, Paul and Wendy search their RV for a strand of beads belonging to their daughter Taylor, but they can't find it. Paul sees Miranda making love that night. The two couples go out on the lake together the next day to continue their quest. They find a plastic bag floating in the water after six hours on the lake, but it has no clues.

Eric and Miranda are accused by Paul and Wendy of abducting their daughter since they have been unable to conceive. Wendy takes out a gun, which leads to a fight in which Miranda is shot and Eric is stabbed. Paul and Wendy quarrel as they return to shore, disturbed.

Baker discovers Eric's body in Eric and Miranda's RV, where he discovers the beads, which Wendy verifies are her daughter's. Later, Baker learns that Eric was holding strands of hair in his palm. Wendy later accuses Tom of being the perpetrator and investigates his home, discovering a hidden passageway leading to a toilet and a closet shelf with a collection of child pornography recordings.

The Vanished

She's been struck out and confined. After distracting Paul's focus away off Wendy, Tom tries to restrain her, but she finds a hammer on the ground and smashes him. Baker accused Tom of being part in a child pornography ring, and now that the inquiry appears to be over, Paul convinces Wendy to get rid of Taylor's stuff. Justin, Tom's maintenance worker, who has been having his own issues, ultimately retrieves the items. He tries urgently to call the cops but takes no action.

Baker eventually obtains a message from his wife, but then notices something strange about a photograph of the Michaelsons—they're posing at the front of the World Trade Center before the 9/11 attacks, and Wendy is pregnant, implying that Taylor was so much older than ten years old.

After consulting different police team, he learns through Paul's brother that his girl passed away six years ago and also that the Michaelsons have already been living a nightmare wherein they think their child is still breathing owing to their failure to properly mourn. Rakes checks to see if the hairs on Eric's palm has Paul's Genetics.

The Vanished

During flashback scenes, the family kills Eric and Miranda, Paul hides the ornaments in the RV, and Justin learns the child's true birth date on a bedspread. So when cops approach to the park, they find other RV couple who have briefly misplaced their child and are worried that she's been kidnapped by the Michaelsons, but the girl reappears. The Michaelsons already have left the park and are reminiscing with Taylor, who is watching television on their RV's video feed.

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What Happened to Tylor in the Ending?

The central storyline revolves around the murder of Paul and Wendy Michaelson's 10-year-old girl Taylor. The family intends to celebrate Thanksgiving with their daughter by traveling to a park in their RV. Although Wendy is in the supermarket and Paul is enthralled with their beautiful campground neighbor Miranda, Taylor seems to vanish into thin air. What was the matter with her? Was she kidnapped?

The Vanished

The disclosure happens after Sheriff Baker (Jason Patric) sees an old image of Wendy pregnant while the two skyscrapers in New York City were being built. A time difference remains in the history. As a consequence, he tells his subordinate (Facinelli) to establish contact with Paul's sibling for verification.

Why hasn't the brother reached them earlier, or why have not yet they contacted family and friends? They performed a media briefing on the television. Someone would have seen and warned him, particularly if the Michaelsons get a record of doing things like this.

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