The Unbelievable Truth About the Movie Alice – Based on a True Story?

Is the Film Alice Based on a Real Event? Steel Springs Films will create the historical thriller Alice, based on a woman imprisoned in slavery in Georgia in the nineteenth century, with Keke Palmer serving as executive producer and lead actor.

The plot of the film follows a lady who escapes the 55-acre farm where she was held captive in 1973 and discovers the brutal reality beyond the forest line. For further information on whether or not the film Alice is based on a true story, please visit the links below.

Is The Movie Alice Based On A True Story?

“Alice” is indeed based on a genuine story. The plot is based on the historical fact that African Americans were still enslaved following the Emancipation Proclamation. Krystin Ver Linden created and directed the film after being inspired by the experiences of former slave Mae Louise Miller and her family.

Krystin’s mother sent her an article from People Magazine in which Mae describes her life as a slave and how she and her family eventually achieved freedom. Krystin told the Los Angeles Times, “Her journey out of prison and what she did with her life after her release was extremely inspiring.

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The Unbelievable Truth About the Movie Alice - Based on a True Story?

Throughout the 20th century, various incidents in the United States revealed that certain modern-day plantations were still in operation and enslaved individuals.

These slaves had no access to information outlets such as television or radio and were therefore oblivious to the illegality and injustice of their situation. The account of what Mae and her family endured is therefore sufficient to demolish one’s worldview.

Alice Movie Plot Summary

Mae and her six siblings were forced into servitude near Gillsburg, Mississippi, after being born to Cain and Lela Wall. They worked for many years without compensation and under the constant danger of beatings, sexual assault, and murder.

Their jobs included cotton picking, home cleaning, and milking cows, among others. The Walls were transferred from one white family to another and forced into servitude. This unlawful practice pushed many black people to labor to pay off debts whose existence was at best questionable.

Families were forced to work for free for people who claimed to own them in order to settle their alleged debts. Although such cases reduced over time, the few that remained were as terrible as one may imagine. Annie, Mae’s sister, related the family’s frightening experiences: “The whip would wrap around your body and knock you down.

The Unbelievable Truth About the Movie Alice - Based on a True Story?

Where Can I See the Alice Movie?

The forthcoming criminal thriller Alice takes a novel approach to the theme of slavery. Krystin Ver Linden wrote and directed the film, which stars Keke Palmer as a woman who believes she is a slave on a Georgia farm in the nineteenth century.

Upon her escape, she discovers that it is actually 1973, that slavery has been abolished for more than a century, and that the Black Power movement is in full force. The film will initially be accessible to watch in cinema theatres beginning Friday, March 18, and you may find a screening near you by using the link provided.

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Alice will be available for purchase on Loud and Light, The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, STARZ, Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox, and Apple TV after its theatrical run.