The Time Reveals 2023 Women of the Year List | Latest Updates!

Time magazine has drooped its list of Women of the Year. The names of twelve extraordinary leaders who are working to make the world more fair have been published in a popular magazine. Time’s list has twelve women, including Cate Blanchett, Angela Bassett, and Phoebe Bridgers.

For those of you who don’t know, Time will hold its second annual Women of the Year Gala in Los Angeles on March 8, which is International Women’s Day. Read on to find out the names of the women who broke new ground and made Time’s list of Women of the Year.

The List of Women of the Year Has Been Released by Time Magazine

It’s about time Time magazine released its list of the Women of the Year. Many celebrities, including soccer player Megan Rapinoe, Angela Bassett, Phoebe Bridgers, Quinta Brunson, and actress Cate Blanchett, made Time’s list of the top women of the year.

“Our annual Women of the Year list investigates the most uplifting type of influence by highlighting leaders who are using their voices to fight for a more equal world,” Time Executive Editor Naina Bajekal and Senior Editor Lucy Feldman said in a joint statement.

“The 12 women featured on this year’s list come from all across the world and have made important contributions in their respective sectors, from activism and governance to sports and the arts,” they continued.

Check out Time’s choice of the 2023 Women of the Year:

1. Cate Blanchett

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Cate Blanchett is a star in Hollywood and an ambassador for the UNHCR. The Australian singer is one of the most talented artists of her time. She has been in movies like Notes on a Scandal (2006), I’m Not There (2007), Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007), Carol (2015), and Tár (2022).

2. Ayisha Siddiqa

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Ayisha Siddiqa comes from a tribal community in Northern Pakistan. She works to protect the environment and protect people’s rights. The 24-year-old Pakistani activist for human rights and the environment is also a co-founder of Fossil Free University and Polluters Out.

3. Megan Rapinoe

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Megan Rapinoe is a famous soccer player and a strong supporter of equal pay. She is a winger for both the United States national team and the OL Reign of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Many women in different fields have been pushed by athletes to ask for equal pay. This year, she will play in her last World Cup, which will take place in Australia and New Zealand.

4. Phoebe Bridgers

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Phoebe Bridgers is a singer, actress, and record producer. She began making music almost 5 years ago. She’s singing what’s real to her. She knows that her voice has a lot of power. Famous songs by the singer include “Motion Sickness,” “I Know the End,” “Moon Song,” and “Sidelines.”

5. Quinta Brunson

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Quinta Brunson writes, makes movies, and acts. She is known for making the ABC comedy series Abbott Elementary, as well as executive producing, co-writing, and starring in it. After her Instagram series Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date came out, she became very popular.

6. Angela Bassett

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Angela Bassett works as a performer. Since the late 1980s, she has been in movies and TV shows that people have seen. When she played the singer Tina Turner in the movie What’s Love Got to Do with It, her career took a big turn.

Bassett has played Queen Ramonda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies Black Panther (2018), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2019). (2022).

7. Makiko Ono

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

The next CEO of Suntory Beverages will be Makiko Ono. As of right now, Suntory Beverages is thought to be worth somewhere around $10,4 billion. At the moment, Suntory is the most valuable company in Japan that is run by a woman. In fact, less than 1% of the top 1% of listed companies in Japan have a woman as CEO.

8. Masih Alinejad

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Masih Alinejad is an Iranian journalist, author, and women’s rights activist who doesn’t agree with the government. She is currently a host and producer for VOA Persian Service, a correspondent for Radio Farda, a regular contributor for Manoto television, and a contributing editor for IranWire.

Masih has talked about Iran’s rules for women in an open way over the years. She has won a lot of awards, including the women’s rights award at the 2015 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, the Omid Journalism Award from the Mehdi Semsar Foundation, and an AIB Media Excellence Award with a “Highly Commended” rating.

9. Verónica Cruz Sánchez

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Verónica Cruz Sánchez fights for women’s rights to have children. Human Rights Watch gave her the Defender of Human Rights award. She was the first person from Mexico to work for human rights. Since she was a very young girl, she has worked to make women’s decisions about their bodies and reproductive rights less illegal and less shameful.

10. Olena Shevchenko

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Olena Shevchenko is a leader in the fight for women’s rights and LGBTQI rights in Ukraine. She is also an activist. In 2017, she helped start the non-profit organisation Insight in Kyiv to help women and LGBTQI people. She is one of the most well-known lawyers in Ukraine right now.

11. Anielle Franco

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

The Minister of Racial Equality in Brazil is Anielle Franco. Since January 11, 2023, this Brazilian politician has been Minister of Racial Equality in Lula da Silva’s second cabinet. Her most important job is to make sure that Lula’s government keeps its promise to give Black and Indigenous Brazilians equal rights.

12. Ramla Ali

Time’s 2023 Women of the Year List

Ramla Ali is a pro boxer and an advocate for refugees. Besides this, she also works as a model. She is the first boxer from Somalia to take part in the Olympics. The Somalian boxer works as a brand ambassador for Cartier and Christian Dior around the world.

Ali started the Sisters Club in 2018. It is a non-profit organisation that gives boxing lessons to women who don’t usually have access to the sport, like those from racial or religious minorities or who have been abused at home. Since then, Sisters Club has grown to four different places in London.

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