The Thinning season 3 : Release date, cast, and more details

Popular science fiction thriller web movie The Thinning is set for a comeback. The movie, with its storyline which has a strong grip on it, had kept the audience intact for quite a long time.

The thriller movie series falls under the dystopian post-apocalyptic genre which was launched in 2016 and directed by Michael Gallagher which shows a dystopian future in which population control was enforced through an aptitude test. Those who fail are executed. The movie is yet to return.

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Ever since the first installment hit the theaters in 2012, viewers have become huge fans of the film series.

Now fans are waiting for the third part of the Thinning.

The series stars famous YouTuber Logan Paul and Peyton List.

What Happened After the Release of Thinning 2?

After the release of the first part, the thinning new world order premiered in 2018. It shows the history of Liana Michaels (Peyton List) and her infiltration of the president’s campaign.

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Furthermore, Blake Redding (Logan Paul) is adjusting to his life with underachievers and the mock execution. Being trapped in the secret underground work camp, he tries to reconnect with liana and find a way to escape.

Will There Be a Happy Ending?

It was further revealed that the failures don’t die but they do work for a test company named “Assuru”. Blake there meets Ellie once again, However, it doesn’t have a happy ending here, they have to cope up with the public with the secrets of thinning.

After the truth comes out, the government tries to suppress the freedom so that the power remains in their hands. However, in the end, we see jack from the FBI coming to help the public. The story was incomplete and was left on a note to make things right.

The second part of the film which came in 2018 which had been almost two years of the release the fans are expecting a third installment of the film but due to the controversies with the YouTuber Logan Paul the fans have been furious with his posts on social media which got crazy.

Logan Paul in controversies

Even though Logan is good with this acting, but there is a doubt about his humanity. He did manage to be one of the famous YouTubers with his funny vines but everything got shattered with his inhuman behavior.

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Logan and his friends were filming in Japan’s forest, where they came across this hanging body. Logan decided to cover all the parts of the scenario to his YouTube fans.

He was filming the entire scene while encountering the hanging body. The worst part which had happened was that he laughed with this infamous wit and odd sense of humor to the screen.

Although the content might be funny, humanity always comes first which caused the video to go viral and it gained a lot of criticisms.

YouTube cut all ties with Logan Paul for the viral video which got a lot of hate to it. They also took away the series “Foursome.” “The Thinning: New World Order” also kept on hold for release for indecent behavior.

YouTube decided to release it for the other cast members and crew’s hard work. It seems they won’t take the risk of casting Logan Paul again.

We can understand that there is no hope for the third part of the web film as the chances are completely zero. Even though Logan has apologized for his behavior but the chaos has been made and it cannot be taken back.

Logan has made a carving impression negatively on his viewers and on the platform too. As of now, we are not expecting anything from the influencer.

The Cast as of Now

The potential cast for the series has not yet been revealed, but we will see the main cast for sure: –

  • Logan Paul (Maybe) – Blake Redding
  • Lia Marie Johnson- Ellie Harper
  • Matthew Glave- Governor Dean Redding
  • Peyton List- Liana Michaels
  • Rome Flynn– FBI Agent Jack

We may encounter new characters as well as some of the characters who had died in the second installment.

After the controversy between Logan and YouTube, there is a possibility of not be a part of the third film. Logan played the role of Blake Redding, famed, but the fans of the show will miss Logan if the rumors are true.

There are no official confirmations about the release of the show by showing any teasers or trailers, however, there are expectations are that the cast of the movie duo might make a comeback.

The series is set in the future timeline. The population got increased which caused environmental problems. The authorities took severe measures to control the population. They came up with the solution with an aptitude test and those who fail will be executed.

The protagonist, Blake, a high school boy, and Ellie Harper, took the aptitude test. As they both are in love, they can’t study for the exam which caused Ellie to fail the test but Blake passed it. He requested his father to cancel the execution of Ellie, but he refused.

Later Blake purposely failed the test, but his father exchanged the copy with Lina, one of the brilliant students. Soon Lina found that the authorities had saved the rich student purposely in exchange for the poor.

Consequently, the authorities have to execute those who failed the exam, including Blake. In the sequel, we saw the failed student never got executed instead they were sent to an underground tunnel to work for a tech company.

On the other hand, Blake and Ellie escaped the tunnel. Later, the trio discovers that Georgina, who won the presidential election, wants to end democracy and freedom in the nation.


“Well, the sequel has left us with so many questions which require answers. Will the trio reveal the truth of execution? will they stop Georgina from establishing a monarchy? We’ll get that to know in the third installment of the film.”

Let’s hope that we can see some positive news about the film.

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