The Stranger Season 2: Release Date, Cast & The Plot

Who doesn’t like to watch an excellent British TV show? The British have a long legacy of detective and mystery thriller novels, TV shows and movies. If you have enjoyed the shows like Sherlock Holmes, or any other mystery shows, you are going to enjoy The Stranger by Netflix. In this article, we will talk about The Stranger Season 2

The show has received a great response from the audience. And that’s why the plans for renewing it for the second season are on the table. If you are looking for information on The Stranger Season 2, this article has everything covered for you. 

The Stranger Season 2: Premise

The Stranger Season 2, a look

There is no shortage of mystery shows on the television, many come and go every year. With the arrival of streaming platforms, there’s been an explosion of content on the internet. If you are a smartphone user, the chances are high that you have Netflix installed on it. 

If you haven’t, why not install it to access a vast library of entertainment?

Coming back to our main topic, The Stranger Season 2, it’s a  British mystery show created by Danny Brocklehurst. The show’s name derived from a novel of the same name. Harlan Coben wrote the book in 2015. 

The show is produced by the team of four: Danny Brocklehurst, Harlan Coben, Richard Fee, Nicola Schindler.  Red Production Company is the production house for the show. 

The Stranger Season 2: Release Date

The Stranger Season 1 was released on 30 January 2020, and the first season had eight episodes. Since the show received a good response from the audience, we see no problem in making another season. 

Netflix has given no official announcement regarding The Stranger Season 2. Given the pandemic crisis all over the world, we expect the production of the show is not going to start any time soon.

Late filming means the second season won’t be coming out before 2021. If Netflix makes an announcement, we will inform our readers about it. 

The Stranger: Cast

The cast of the show is quite talented. To keep the viewers hooked to the show, they have taken real efforts. The cast members are as follows:

Richard Armitage playing Adam Price

Siobhan Finneran playing Detective Sergeant Johanna Griffin

Jennifer Saunders playing Heidi Doyle

Dervla Kirwan playing Corinne Price

Hannah John-Kamen playing The Stranger

If you ask about the future cast of The Stranger Season 2, it’s not confirmed yet. We expect that new faces will be shown in it.

New Season: The Plot

The new season ended with pretty much no scope for the extension. However, if you have watched the previous season, you can expect that Stranger will keep causing troubles in the second season by blackmailing others for money. 

However, we know that the human mind is creative, show-runners will craft a suitable plot for the new season. If they do that, we will see more murders and mysteries in it.


Final Words

Producing a mystery thriller show is a daunting task, if not executed properly, the show’s flavor gets ruined for the viewer. Looking at the handling of the previous season, we are sure that the show-makers will try to make a story that will extend the show. 

If you are looking for entertainment that’s similar to the show, you can always trust Netflix. If you were excited about the new season, you will have to wait for at least this year to end. 

We will inform our readers as soon as Netflix announces anything related to The Stranger Season 2. If you have enjoyed this article, please make sure to share it with others. Drop your interesting comments. Stay home and stay safe