‘The Southern Charm’ Taylor Ann Green Doesn’t Want to Talk About Ex Shep Rose: ‘Still Trying to Heal’

Taylor Ann Green of Southern Charm is still mourning her failed relationship with Shep Rose, and she requests the necessary space to heal.

“Disclaimer: Shep and I are no longer together. We have maintained a courteous connection, but I would appreciate not knowing what my ex is up to while I’m still healing,” Green, 27, stated on Tuesday, September 6, via her Instagram Story. “Thank you beforehand.”

'The Southern Charm' Taylor Ann Green Doesn't Want to Talk About Ex Shep Rose: ‘Still Trying to Heal’

initially reported in July that Taylor Ann Green and Rose, both 42, had ended their relationship after nearly two years together. The next month, the clinical assistant discussed her separation from the native of South Carolina.

She said during an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, “We are not together.” Additionally, Green disclosed at the time that she had been living alone previous to their separation. Probably, I would have to presume [he was unfaithful to me].

The alumnus of Appalachian State University also said that while the difficulties depicted between the pair on Southern Charm are “not the [straw] that broke the camel’s back,” everything is seen “nine months later” during season 8 of the June-premiering Bravo series has “proved to be true.”

Green did not define what she meant by her statement at the time, but evidence suggests that the billionaire has acted coldly toward his ex-wife. During an August episode, Shep Rose called Green an “f—king fool,” prompting co-star Olivia Flowers to speak out.

'The Southern Charm' Taylor Ann Green Doesn't Want to Talk About Ex Shep Rose: ‘Still Trying to Heal’

Before their split, the duo discussed their close relationship exclusively with Us. “Everything is going well, and she’s great,” Rose told Us in October 2020, before joking that Green “refuses to give me a reason not to adore her.”

Flowers, 30, cautioned him, “Don’t call your girlfriend an idiot,” to which he angrily replied, “If she messes with my game, I’ll say it again.”

However, Season 8 of the sitcom saw the couple attempting to resolve their recurring relationship troubles.

“I do not wish to have children at this time. But we don’t use protection,” the presenter of the podcast “Enough About Me,” told Austen Kroll on a July episode. “I have no idea what I want. I’ve been content for almost two years. She’s a huge, huge part of why my life is so wonderful.”

'The Southern Charm' Taylor Ann Green Doesn't Want to Talk About Ex Shep Rose: ‘Still Trying to Heal’

Green, meanwhile, acknowledged that she was prepared to advance their relationship. “In an ideal world, I would get married around age 30 or 31. In a July episode, she stated that she would begin having children around the age of 32 or 33. Although Shep’s clock may not be ticking, mine is.

Flowers weighed in on the possibility of Rose and Green reconciling in the future, even though Rose and Green have been tight-lipped about the details of their breakup.

Taylor was the initiator. But they’re both occupying the space she recommended,” she told Us in an exclusive interview last month. “[Taylor is] performing as well as could be expected. It is one thing to suffer through a breakup, but quite another to have to cope with it in public. And I believe that was the surprise in all of this.”