The Snow Girl Ending Explained: Netflix’s Latest Installment in the True Crime Genre

Netflix’s latest entry in the true crime genre, “The Snow Girl,” is a drama rather than a docuseries and is not based on actual events. Even though it is a fictional program, the ambiance is evocative of David Fincher’s stomach-churning film “Zodiac.”

“The Snow Child” evokes the same preoccupation, dread, and suspense as it follows investigative journalist Miren (Milena Smit) on her decade-long inquiry into the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl in Málaga.

The Ending of The Snow Girl Season 1 Explained

The first season of The Snow Girl concludes with a hint for a second season and an explanation of the show’s title, which was not actually addressed until this point.

A book signing serves as the teasing device. Miren has written a book about her involvement in the Amaya case. At the conclusion, she receives an envelope from an unknown sender containing a photograph of another young woman chained and gagged, presenting Miren with another case to solve. Hopefully, she can complete the task more quickly this time.

The Snow Girl Ending Explained

When Miren used to dwell over the VHS tapes Iris supplied as proof of life, she would always see Amaya “in the snow,” the staticky interludes in which the recorded footage dissolved into nothing. Appropriately, the season concludes with a cut to the same white noise.

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What Happened to Amaya?

Let’s begin with the most obvious question. As the season nears its conclusion, it is revealed that Amaya was stolen by Iris Molina, one of Amaya’s mother’s fertility clinic patients, who has been unable to have children with her husband, Santiago. Iris is yearning to give birth to her own child.

She arbitrarily removes Amaya from the procession, but in the years that follow, she actively isolates Amaya. Eventually, she forgets who she was and begins to believe that Iris and Santiago gave her the name Julia.

Miren eventually realizes Iris is culpable in the present day. Santiago has been murdered in an accident by this point, and Iris and “Julia” have grown closer and more interdependent than ever.

The Snow Girl Ending Explained

Iris, realizing the game is up, tries to depart with Amaya and, in desperation, tries to kill them both, as she had suggested earlier in the season she would. She would rather do this than give up Amaya.

Iris is killed in the subsequent vehicle accident, while Amaya survives. Despite being reunited with her biological parents, she is unable to recall them and only responds to the name Julia.

What Does “the Snow Girl” Mean?

The “snow” in The Snow Girl’s title refers to the static or white noise that appears on the television screen after a videotape has stopped playing. Miren states at the conclusion of the series that she discovered Amaya “in the snow,” referring to the white noise that played after the cassettes Iris sent that Miren obsessed over for so many years.

Will There Be a Second Season?

The drama is well-written and has clearly grabbed audiences to the extent that it has reached the top 10 most-watched series on Netflix. However, Netflix has not yet declared if the show will return for a second season, but the news should be forthcoming.

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Because the series is based on a novel, if it is renewed for a second season, the writers will need to expand upon the material. Only the first seasons of “Justified” and “The Leftovers” were based on a book, despite the fact that the premise may be unsettling due to the possibility that the quality may degrade. The remaining shows were created after the fact, and they became some of the best of the 2010s.