The Secrets of Hillsong Season 2: Will the Docuseries Returns with Another Dark Story?


In recent times we have seen how the popularity of documentary series hunted through the hearts of the people and became a successful head for the audience to explore. There is no doubt that a realistic storyline which brings new drama and you need a story for the audience to look for. Docuseries like Chimp Empire, Class Action Park, and Our Planet are popular among the watchers.

One of the recently released shows called The Secrets of Hillsong has had enormous success after the release of the first season. As the four parts of the first installment came to light, it shows a captivating storyline, which investigates the religious organization that bewildered the minds of the people.


Despite all these things, we have some of the recent updates from the officials which will help you to learn whether there will be a season two of the show or not. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the possibility of The Secrets of Hillsong season two in detail. If you guys are excited to learn about it then continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything about the show.


Season The Secrets of Hillsong
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 4 (season 1)
Director Stacey Lee
Genre Documentary
Production Vanity Fair Studios
Country of Origin United States
Origin Language English
Available Languages English
First Episode Aired 19 May 2023 (S01 EP01)
Last Episode Aired 26 May 2023 (S01 EP04)
Season 2 Release Date Not Yet Confirmed
Run Time 50 Min
Available On FX, Hulu


The Secrets of Hillsong Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

Religious places are of great importance as it is a place for the people where they put their belief and love towards God. However, what happens when these places become a matter of suspicion and bring a lot of scandals to light?

Fans are wondering whether there will be a season two of the show or not but at the time of writing, there has been no official update made by the creators. A lot of people are speculating about the possibility of season two but without proper information, we can’t comment on the matter.

At the time of writing, the FX is already working on their upcoming projects and they have not spoken to single word regarding the future respect of the show. If the show gets renewed, The Secrets of Hillsong is likely to release in 2024 or 2025.

The Secrets of Hillsong Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Being a documentary series, there will be some new aspects for the audience to explore. In the earlier season, you have seen how the creators explore the story of the church. When it comes to documentaries, we know that there is no specific cast for it.

Unlike shows, and movies, which consist of specifying cast for certain characters, doc series features a different approach. Till then we advise you to watch the cast of Uncharted which follows Tom Holland, A popular Hollywood celebrity who is known for his amazing work in the Spiderman series.

The Secrets of Hillsong Season 2 Plot Updates: What to Expect with it?

In recent times, a lot of new reality documentary series have been released on the screens and people have shown their genuine support towards the show. Throwing light on the same incident, The Secrets of Hillsong brings back one of the most controversial topics to the minds of the people which became one of the most hottest topics for the people to explore.

Exploring the dynamic of the church, which attempts to update the conventional Pentecostal liturgy, The Secrets of Hillsong marks its first season on the screen. We have already heard how religious affairs have become a major concern over time and attracted a lot of controversy for the people to look for. 

If there will be a second season of the series we can expect the creators to unfold more dark secrets behind the religious churches.  As of now, there has been no official detail regarding the matter but we are looking into the topic and if there is anything we will make sure to update you.

The Secrets of Hillsong Season 2 Official Trailer

Want to watch the official trailer for the show? There are a lot of people who have not been able to watch the official trailer for the first season. If you are one of those then we are here to help you out. Watch is the official trailer of the first season find out everything regarding the series.

On the other hand, if you are waiting to watch the official trailer for the second installment,  we request you wait for a while.  The creators have not made any official confirmation regarding the future potential of the series and that's the reason why we don't have any trailer.

Where to watch the show?

Are you excited to watch the series? The series is exclusively available on Amazon Prime video for the viewers to watch.  So to all those people who want to see what the dark secrets lie behind the churches, just head to the platform.

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What are the ratings of the show?

As we always say ratings of any series give the inside news of everything about the show.  In this section of the article, we will be going to unfold everything about the show in detail. If you guys are excited to check out the online dating of the series then we are here to help you out.

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Final Verdict

With the conclusion of the first season, a lot of people started to embrace the future potential of the series. It is quite challenging for the creators to work on the prospects as there have been certain questions that lie in the way of the renewal status.

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