The Secret is Out: Who is Medusa on ‘The Masked Singer’?

The ninth season of The Masked Singer has debuted three new costumes, including Gnome, Mustang, and Medusa. In addition to Dandelion, Jackalope, Gargoyle, and California Roll, the name Mustang was also previously revealed.

In addition, four costumes, French Hen, Doll, Axolotl, and Moose, have been posted on the Instagram page for The Masked Singer. Additionally, an artist’s version of Fairy appeared in an ad for Masked Singer.

On “the Masked Singer,” Who Plays Medusa?

Medusa has not yet been revealed on the show! Nonetheless, we will update you as soon as they are!

Who is Medusa on “The Masked Singer” in the US? Some C lues

Medusa’s costume is the most elaborate of the three released early to promote the premiere of The Masked Singer US season 9. Gnome may be covered in moss and flowers, but compared to the elegance of Medusa’s clothing, he resembles Swamp Thing.

The scaly bodysuit is adorned with many colorful diamonds and purple and gold accents. The costume is accentuated by cuffs, a skirt, and fantastic over-the-knee boots.

The Secret is Out: Who is Medusa on 'The Masked Singer'?

The mythological origins of Medusa can be traced to Greece. Some of The Masked Singer’s Medusa costume’s accents closely resemble those of a goddess, as opposed to the legendary Gorgon from mythology.

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The various snakes could represent the multiple hats that The Masked Singer’s Medusa wears, given that Medusa is infamous for having snakes emerge from her head. Is Medusa a singer and performer with multiple talents? Or an athlete who also sings? An EGOT?

Comparing Medusa’s height to that of fellow Week 1 competitors Gnome and Mustang in the image below reveals that Medusa is on the shorter end of the spectrum.

We sense that, unlike the fabled creature, this Medusa will captivate the audience with their voice rather than her icy stare. Medusa has the composure of a performer with experience, and we are confident that they are here to compete.

We won’t know who Medusa is until the mask is removed, but until then, we’ll post all hints about their identity on this page, so check back frequently.

Guesses for Medusa on ‘The Masked Singer’

Although we do not know for sure who is hiding behind the Medusa mask, the correct identification may be revealed in the guesses that follow.

The Instagram account for The Masked Singer released a teaser clip featuring Medusa before the premiere. It didn’t provide any obvious hints, but it didn’t stop enthusiasts from speculating who Medusa was.

The Secret is Out: Who is Medusa on 'The Masked Singer'?

User opinion: “Victoria Justice or Mary J. Blige.” Another fan concurred with her identification of Victoria, arguing that if it were Mary J. Blige, her chest would be visible through the outfit.

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“I’m guessing maybe China Anne McClain because it sort of resembles Uma,” another user remarked, referring to China’s role as Uma in the Disney Channel flicks Descendants 2 and Descendants 3.

The majority of fans appeared to believe that Medusa was a well-known female vocalist. An absolute powerhouse! Janet Jackson was even guessed by one user. However, do we know for certain that Medusa is female?

The majority of people appear to have assumed that Medusa was female, as the Greek mythological figure is. However, there is always the possibility that we are overanalyzing the situation. As one user put it, “Watch it be a guy as everyone guesses females.”