The Saga of Tanya the Evil – Is It Ready For Season 2?

While growing up, we always watch movies because of the superhero. I used to think that the hero will be the person who can make everything right. But these things vanished as soon as I entered the world of anime. Like every anime beginner, my first anime was also DeathNote. Those anime which have their main character as a villain are really famous nowadays. DeathNote and overload are one of the examples of such types of anime. The meaning of the main protagonist as a hero is changing day by day. And through anime we are seeing the unseeing boundaries of fiction. If you are someone who is a great fan of such a Villain as a main protagonist type of anime then we have something for you. The latest anime named, Saga of Tanya the evil

If you are someone new to this anime then stay till the end because we have a whole summary of it. On the other hand if you are someone who has already watched the first season and is waiting for the second one then we’ll let you know everything about it too. Read the next section carefully and let your anime knowledge flaunt.  

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Saga of Tanya the Evil – What do you need to know?

saga of tanya the evil

A Japanese anime Yōjo Senki which means Saga of Tanya the evil, is a latest popular anime for the people. The manga version of this series was first published in 2012 on the internet. The manga started to receive positive feedback from the people. The writer of the manga series is Carlo Zen and is illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. The manga series is launched on an online platform and not in a regular bookstore. As soon as the demand increases, the writer thought of making an online website for the manga version which is Arcadia. Since 2013,  there were already twelve volumes published for this anime. 

In 2017, NUT decided to take this anime and make it into an anime. The first episode was released on 6 January, 2017. The show goes on till 31 March, 2017. The amazing show follows the story of a small Nine year old girl who is the main protagonist of this show. Like I said earlier, if this show has a villain as a main cast then you can see this little blond girl do some of the craziest things. This show is already popular because of its mind confusing storyline.

While watching the first episode I was in a lot of doubt but as the story moved forward everything started to make sense. The first season was end with a the introduction of a  lot things. Audiences are curious about the storyline and hoping to see the second installment soon, But is it really happening?

Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 – Is it really happening? 

The first Season was ended in the year 2017 and was a great success for the producers. After 2 years, the producers of Saga of Tanya the evil came up with a movie. The movie, Youjo Senki Movie, was released in the year 2019 and again hit the box office. The show admirers of this anime praised the movie and gave them the same love like season 1. 

However, the show ended in a note where we can expect a lot from the story. There is much room for more plot and audiences are looking for season 2. There are many tweets surfacing on the internet telling that they want season 2 of Saga of Tanya the evil desperately. 

While researching about the possibilities of this anime, I came up with a article of Crunchyroll. It reads that the anime, Saga of Tanya the evil have recently booked for 14 more episodes which means that the series have a total 26 episodes. Crunchyroll is already a famous and well-reputed site for anime and we can fully and completely believe in it. 

To summarize all, there will surely be a second season of this anime. We hope to see the second installment as soon as possible. 

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Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 – What is the release date? 

saga of tanya the evil

There is no release date of this anime so far. We have just got the confirmation about the second installment through the well known website. However, it is true that there is no official announcement regarding it. The officials of Saga of Tanya the Evil have not released any statement so we can’t conclude anything. 

But according to different sources, We can expect this anime in the year 2021-2022. Still, this isn’t an official statement and we recommend you to wait for it.

If there will be any updates regarding the release date then we promise to inform you. 

Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 – What will be the plotline? 

Saga of Tanya the evil season 1 

As I always say in my article that this world is big and there are a lot of people with different thinking. Likewise the beliefs of the people are also different. Some believe in god while others don’t. In this story, we will encounter the same things. While watching this anime, you’ll come across a guy who strongly opposes the whole idea of god and doesn’t believe in them at all. There is another character whom we all know as Mr. X, because nobody knows his identity so far. Mr. X thinks of himself as a God and hates this guy because of his thoughts. 

In the story, Mr. X thinks to give a harsh punishment to the boy because of his atheist thoughts. The boy is a true atheist because even when he was present in front of god, he refused to believe in him. He believes that the whole thing of god, rebirth, sins and reincarnation is a waste and people who believe in them are idiots. 

All these thoughts lead to the rebirth of him into the world again but it is not that easy as it looks. The boy, now born as a girl whose name you can call as Tanya Degurechaff (also the title of the anime). 

saga of tanya the evil

Saga of Tanya the evil season 2

The place will resemble the time of World War I. According to the god, Tanya must die naturally and if she doesn’t, she will ultimately end up living in hell. She has to take all the responsibilities of what she had done in her past life (when she was he). She soon joined the army and became a hard working soldier. Being the main protagonist of the anime and also the villain she doesn’t have kindness. She punishes the soldiers who are in a lower rank and basically dominates them too. She even hates the one who doesn’t listen to her and at a point you’ll start to hate her. 

Moreover, In the second installment we’ll see Tanya as a soldier but this time she’ll definitely be different. There are chances of her and Mary Sioux fight and to be honest I am waiting for this to happen. On the other hand, the second part will have some of the sad scenes. Mary will lose her family because of Tanya and some of you will shed some tears. Their differences are great to watch. As we know that Tanya is atheist and on the other hand Mary believes in god. She believes in the true power of a person who has bound all the life on earth and will do it the same till eternity. 

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Final words

The saga of Tanya the evil is the great anime for the ones who also love villain focused anime. This anime will take your interest and each episode is interesting to watch. Through the whole period, I promise that you’ll not get bored and this anime will keep you engaged. For the suspense lover, this is the one for you. The plotline of this anime is amazing. The first season is already there and every one is waiting for the second to happen. While we don’t know how much time does it take to that happen. Till then, read more articles related to anime through our website, Keeperfacts. 

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