The Rookie Season 4: Know About This Police Drama Again for the New Season!

45 years old John Nolan is back, with the new season! Here you want to know everything about the fourth installment of Rookie. What is the meaning of the title The Rookie? A Rookie simply means a new member or a cop in the police or an army.

So, with the help of the title anyone can guess that it is a crime series in which a police officer finds the culprits and faces many challenges while performing his job.

John Nolan role is played by Nathan Fillion who is the oldest Rookie in his team or batch. Before joining as a member in the police department of LAPD ( Los Angeles Police Department) he was the owner of the construction business and also studied law from Pennsylvania State University.

He had divorced from his wife and his son Henry, is a fresher in the college. He then came to the west and joined as the oldest rookie in the police.

Alexi Hawley is the creator of this American Series whose first and the original season came in 2018 and currently its fourth and branded new season is premiering and the show is created for ABC Network. The story is inspired from the real-life of a police officer named William Norcross, who joined LAPD in 2015 when he was in his mid-forties.

The Rookie Season: About

The Rookie Season 4

Ready and free to watch the cop season 4 of the Rookie? If yes, then join us to know about this drama series and when will its latest episodes come? It is a comedy and crime drama which revolves around the main cast of the series and these are Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz and Richard T. Jones.

It is a brilliant series in which Nathan Fillion plays his role as one of the best and the series describes the midlife of the person or the police officer who joins a new job as he wanted to make his career in this field at an old age. The drama is super along with hidden humor.

This series received 8 ratings out of 10 and 4.3 out of 5 on iTunes- Apple. The series was released in English Language.

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The Rookie Season 4: Cast

These are the members for the new season of the Rookie-

  • John Nolan, an old police officer, is played by Nathan Fillion.
  • Wesley Evers is played by Shawn Ashmore.
  • Nyla Harper is played by Mekia Cox.
  • Angela Lopez is played by Alyssa Diaz.
  • Wade Grey is played by Richard T. Jones.
  • Jackson West is played by Titus Makin.
  • Lucy Chen is played by Melissa O’ Neil.
  • Tim Bradford role is played by Eric Winter.

The Rookie Season 4 Release Date and Time

The Rookie Season 4

First episode of Rookie Season 4 came on September 26, 2021 on Sunday at 10 p.m.

For the fourth season it was decided that Sunday is the right time and day for its release for the entire season at 10 p.m.

You can also watch this show online on and catch its latest episodes if you missed it on the television. You can also check and stream ongoing seasons on Hulu with all its previous seasons.

Is The Rookie Season 4 Trailer Available?

The Rookie Nathan Fillion Series trailer is available and here it is-

How Many Episodes in The Rookie Season 4?

The Rookie Season 4

At this moment we don’t know how many episodes are there in this season but we have the details of the first 4 episodes of this season.

  • Episode no. 1- Life and Death, came on September 26, 2021 in this they are finding Lopez who was missing from her wedding.
  • The second episode “Five Minutes” of this season already premiered on October 3, 2021 and in this Nolan asked Bailey for a date.
  • Episode no. 3 will come on October 10, 2021 and the title is “In the line of Fire”.
  • Episode 4 is Red Hot which will come on October 17, 2021.

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Where Can I Stream Rookie Season 4 Currently?

You can stream the latest season of The Rookie on Hulu and on ABC network.

Where Can I Watch All the Previous Seasons of the Rookie?

You can watch all seasons of The Rookie on the given platforms-

  • If you want to watch the rookie for free then you can watch it on ABC.
  • On Hulu, by taking its subscription and if you are new to Hulu then you can take its 7 day free trial to watch any show.
  • With a subscription on FuboTV.

And you also have an another option to watch this show by buying or renting it with a small amount on –

Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV and on Youtube.

Can I Watch the Rookie on DisneyPlus?

Yes, if you have DisneyPlus then you can also watch this crime police procedural series on it.

Is The Rookie coming for Season 5?

There is no announcement for the next season of The Rookie but fans are also searching for Season 5 along with currently running season 4 of The Rookie. The next season is not confirmed or cancelled this time.

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Last Lines

The Rookie is an amazing drama to watch and its season 4 is currently streaming on Abc and on Hulu. If you haven’t watched this series then go and watch it as on the IMDB rating 8 out of 10 ratings is given which simply means the series is incredible.

If you want to watch another police drama then we have a lot of crime and police drama series on keeperfacts where you can watch your favourite crime drama series.

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