The Reason Kate McKinnon Left “Saturday Night Live”


After ten years on the venerable sketch show, Kate McKinnon explained why she was leaving, and she put it succinctly: she was weary.

This week, the actress and comedian, 38, admitted it had always been her ambition to participate on Saturday Night Live during an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan. McKinnon acknowledged that she had to make the difficult choice, but that time had ultimately shown that it was the right course of action.


Kate McKinnon

According to looper It was really difficult for her to think about for such a long period, she said. “Being on Saturday Night Live was everything I had ever desired in life. So I did, I enjoyed it, and I had the finest decade. But then I felt like it was time because my body was exhausted.”

McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney will not be returning for season 48, ET discovered back in May. Mooney was hired for the show the following year, while McKinnon and Bryant both joined in 2012.


As Colleen Rafferty, a lady who has been abducted by aliens and then probed by federal operatives, McKinnon made an appearance in the penultimate episode of the season.

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Cecily Strong and Natasha Lyonne join the three as fellow abductees to answer questions from two agents, portrayed by Bryant and longstanding cast member Mikey Day, respectively. It was in Season 41 that the “Close Encounters” skits became popular, and McKinnon's immaculate portrayal as Rafferty caused presenter Ryan Gosling to break down into bouts of laughter for the duration of virtually the whole scene.

It is at least clear to McKinnon what she will not be doing on Saturday nights: watching her television family's show.

“Until now, I haven't been able to sit down and watch the program since it's made me miss everyone so much. It's my family, after all “said she, “In my opinion, it's very emotional. So, I'll simply record The Bachelorette and watch it later.”