The Real World Season 34 Release Date: Is MTVs’ Longest Running Reality Show Renewed?

For newcomers we covered what the show is about and its format.

Real World is a long-running MTV reality show and one of the longest running reality shows on any network. Mary-Ellis Bumin and Jonathan Murray created the sitcom, which is executive produced by Murray, Gil Goldstein, Kelly Rose, Jacuelyn French, and Jim Johnson, as well as Bumin/Murray Productions. The show has been on the air since 1992. 

The Premise of the Real World and Its Reception

The series’ aim is follow a group of young adults living together in a new place in each season, and to document their life around the clock. The show’s early episodes focused on the housemates’ struggles to find and keep employment, as well as the socializing aspect.

While the show was praised in its early years for its realistic treatment of sensitive issues, future seasons were chastised   for displaying the cast’s drunken and sexual activities and providing viewers with superficial role models. In its years of existence, the show has produced two significant related programmes, “Roads Rules” and “The Challenge”, both of which lasted for many years. Real World has served as a stepping as a stone for the cast members to break into the entertainment industry over the years.

Real World Season 34 Release Date

The Real World has been not been renewed for 34th season for now. But you don’t need to wait for long for as the famous unscripted behemoth The Real World Homecoming is returning to Paramount+ for two more seasons. Season two will rejoin original cast members from MTV’s The Real World: Los Angeles later this fall, following the critically praised The Real World Homecoming: New York. The third installment will be announced later. 

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The Format of the Real World Show for Newcomers 

Each season consists of seven to eight people, chosen from thousands of applications from across the country, with typically representing different races, sexes, sexual orientations levels of sexual experience, and religious and political beliefs. A cast member decides to leave or is requested to leave by all of his or her roommates, the roommates will usually be replaced, depending on how much filming time is remaining. Cast members are compensated for their time on the show with a small stipend.

Each season begins with the individual residents of the house shown leaving home, frequently for the first time and meeting their fellow roommates on the way to their new home or at the house itself. The housemates are videotaped around the clock. To capture intimate moments, the house is outfitted with cameras installed on the walls, and camera crews of three to six people follow the cast around the cast house and the out in the public.

real world season 34

Despite the difficulty of being surrounded by the cameramen at first, cast members have remarked that they eventually acclimate to it, and that their behavior is totally natural, and not impacted by the knowing that they are being documented.
Members of the London cast, such as Jay Frank and Jacinda Barrett, thought the cameras intruded on the intimacy of their love relationships at times. Lars Schlichting shared an example shared an example in which roommate Mike Johnson posed a question when cameras were not there, and then asked the identical question five minutes later when cameras were present, which Schlichting describes as unusual for Johnson. 
Johnson has stated that castmate Barret “hammed it up a lot,” and that roommate Sharon Gitau concealed specifics about her life for fear of offending her grandma. 

During the third season, the producers made an exception to the taping policy when Pedro Zamora requested that he be permitted to go on date without the cameras because the natural anxiety associated with first dates would be heightened by the presence of cameras.

Evolution and Changes within the Real World 

Initially, the show followed the roommates as they tried to find and keep jobs and careers in their new cities, with little group activities aside from their daily life in the house and socialising in the city. The producers’ only group activity during the first season was a vacation to Jamaica for the three women. By the second season, sending the entire ensemble on vacation and short-term local trip had become the standard for majority of seasons. 
By the fifth season, the cast would be assigned a season-long project, with the Miami cast receiving starting funds and a a business counselor to launch their own venture. This feature trip had become the standard for the majority of seasons.

Casts are required to work at am after-school daycare programme, a radio station, a public-access television station, and so on. A rule was added beginning with the tenth season that required a roommate who was fired from the group job to be ejected from the home and dropped from the cast. Greg Halstead of Hollywood and Joey Rozmus of Cancun were from their respective homes after being sacked from their employment. 

Wrapping Up 

Real World isn’t getting a 34th season any time soon. Hope its get renewed quickly. Meanwhile, you can watch the recently concluded The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans . The show is the third season of The Real World’s spin-off miniseries, which reunited the cast members of the show’s ninth season. You can stream the show on Paramount+. Adios.