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Queen of South is an American Tv series which is created by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller. The first season of the show released on June 23, 2016, for the USA Network.

The series focuses on the adaptation of the telenovela “La Reina del Sur” which is also an adaptation of a Spanish novel written by  Arturo Pérez-Reverte that focuses on the story of poor Mexican women, she becomes rich by starting a narcotics business.

Fans loved the show very much which is the reason now Queen of the South has a total of five seasons! The most recent season aired on June 9, 2021. At first, it is announced that Queen of The South Season 5 would release on March 8, 2021, but got delayed because of the pandemic attack of the covid-19.

However, now season 6 comes with ten episodes that are available to stream on Netflix.

the queen of south season 5

Who Is In The Queen of South Season 5?

Alice Berga returns back in the show in her respective role of Teresa Mendoza with Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez.

On the other side we see Peter Gadiot as James Valdez, Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken, JT Campos as Boaz Jimenez and Alimi Ballard as Marcel Dumas.

The creators took all the star cast from their busy lives during this pandemic to work on the show…

What Happen In Queen of The South Season 5

This is a tale of Teresa Mendoza who become a very strong woman after she forcibly forced to run out and settle down in the United State of American as a refuge. She met a boy there with whom she decided to get into a relationship but unfortunately, he died.

Although he is the one who started the drug-dealing business first which later goes into the hand of Mendoza.

The fifth installment starts from where it ends in the fourth bit, in the last we see Teresa decided to cut off the contacts along with the deal from the Russian Mob. On the other side, she received a message from James they are returning back to their way in order to meet her.

Teresa wants to expand her business in different regions too, the one city she mainly focuses on is New York. On the other hand, we see James arrived at Teressa to prove how much loyal he is toward her. Now Teresa got one more thing to worry about.

Despite all these mind-heaving things she decided to do a meet-up with Dominicains and the Russuinsa in order to increase the sale. After this, they find Duman is getting arrested by the cops for killing the Judge.

In the last block, we see the FBI thinks the main culprit is Teresa. She decided to get out of all these kinds of stuff and started her journey to Germany after getting eluded from Oksana and the story ended there….. Isn’t the ending is incomplete maybe this is because creators are willing to give some more seasons, what do you think? Do you want the show to continue again after the Queen of South Season 5? Comment Down your answers!

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Official Teaser of Queen of South Season 5-

Where We Can Watch The Queen of South Series?

Aforementioned the show is available to stream on Netflix rather than this it is also accessible to access the Queen Series on Amazon Prime Videos, USA Network, and Disney+Hotstar.

Last Lines

The show received mixed reviews from the critics from which the ratio of positive reviews is more than the negative ones. The first installment secures a rating of 90% from the Rotten Tomato scale and 59 out of 100 from Metacritic.

However, the ratings of “The Queen of South Season 5” are not calculated by the census according to the Rotten Tomatoes record.

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