The Promised Neverland Season 3 Trailer: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Latest Update!

“The Promised Neverland” got off to a good start and was one of the most promising animes in its first season. The anime is based on a series of Japanese comic books called manga, which was written by Kaiu Shirai and drawn by Posuka Demizu.

It tells the story of a group of orphaned kids who try to get out of the orphanage after learning that they were only raised to become food for demons. After the first season’s successful start in Japan in January 2019, a second season was ordered right away in March of that year.

The second season came out on January 8, 2021, and ended on March 26, 2021. Unfortunately, season 2 has not lived up to the hype and expectations that the first season created. Even though it upset a lot of anime fans, some people still want to see “The Promised Neverland” season 3 come back.

What’s the Story About in the Promised Neverland?

In The Promised Neverland, Emma, Norman, and Ray are the main characters. A group of orphans who live together is also part of the story. Their lives have been happy up until the main characters find out that the orphanage is a farm where children are raised and then given to demons to eat.

After realizing that they don’t have much time left, the three come up with a plan to escape with the rest of the children.

The Promised Neverland Season 3

Will Promised Neverland Season 3 Ever Be Released?

We don’t know when Season 3 of “The Promised Neverland” will air because it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Lastly, let’s hope that CloverWorks will listen to what the anime community is saying and make a third season. We’ll make the changes here as soon as that happens.

In the meantime, you can watch the second season on Netflix, Hulu, Funimation Now, Adult Swim, DIRECTV, HBO Max, and HiDive, or for free with ads on Funimation Now and Crunchyroll, if you haven’t already.

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What Do We Expect From the Cast?

  1. Sumire Morohoshi as Emma
  2. Lynn as Gilda
  3. Yuuko Mori as Lannion
  4. Mariya Ise as Ray
  5. Maaya Uchida as Norman
  6. Yûko Kaida as Isabella
  7. Ai Kayano as Anna

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What Do We Expect From the Plot?

The first season took place in a building called “Grace Field House,” which you may already know. We saw Emma, Norman, and Ray, who were younger than us, earn the truth through their lives. What used to be true? “Grace Field House” used to be a farm, and the teens who lived there were the food for monsters called “demons.”

The more kids learn, the more their minds grow and develop, which makes the demons want them even more. They were sent to eat when it was time to pick, most likely because a family had already used it.

Our wonderful trio also thought of clever ways to get away, and Isabella, the farm’s mother, sat around doing nothing. Emma and the people around her were taking down the walls that were around the field. So far, it was what happened in the first season, and fans couldn’t wait for the second season to start.

The Promised Neverland Season 3

On January 8, 2021, the second season of The Promised Neverland started. This was after two years. In the second season of the anime, we were behind the walls. Since the magical world outside isn’t as mysterious as it used to be, the second season of the anime is also just harsh judgment.

Emma and her friends try to stay alive, get away from the vampires who are after her, and make plans to save the friends and other farm kids they left behind while looking for a place to live. So, things were asking. Unlike the first season, the second season of the anime couldn’t have a scary part. Because of this, there wasn’t much it could do about it.

In season two, questions like “What happened to people?” and “Why do vampires eat people?” were answered. At the end of the second season, we had a happy ending, and it looks like there won’t be a third season.

The second season of the show quickly covered a lot of big plot points, so we strongly suggest reading the manga. No longer is there much to say about the drawings. They kept the good parts of the first season and the shades of green.

Even the beginning and end aren’t as bad as they used to be, which is why “Touch Off,” the first episode of the first season, was once a fan favorite.

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Is There A Trailer For The Promised Neverland Season 3?

Since Season 3 of The Promised Neverland hasn’t been officially announced yet, there isn’t a trailer for it yet.

Stay up-to-date on any news if official details come out. We’ll keep this article up-to-date so you don’t miss any new information!