The Pentaverate Release Date: Who Are the Members of the Pentaverate?

After The Pentaverate came out, Mike Myers has been very quiet. The Austin Powers and Wayne’s World stars are ready to come back with a bang after The Pentaverate came out.

A 1993 romantic black comedy film, called “So I Married an Axe Murderer,” inspired Netflix’s six-part limited series, which was written and co-created by Myers, who also stars. In the movie, one of Myers’ characters falls in love with a woman who works at the local butcher’s. That sounds harmless, but there’s a chance she could be a serial killer of her own kind.

When Will the Pentaverate Be Released Date?

This movie, “The Pentaverate,” has very little buildup. Mike Myers fans will like that. A show like this could have been in the works for years.

The Pentaverate is going to be on Netflix on Thursday, May 5. The entire six-episode series will be available for people to watch right away if they want to.

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What Is the Pentaverate Plot?

Trailer: In the trailer for The Pentaverate, which you can watch below, it is explained that the Pentaverate is a secret group that dates back to the black plague and has been secretly controlling the course of human events ever since. You can see the trailer here (clearly inspired by the Illuminati conspiracy theory). It will be Mike Myers’ hero who will have to show them up, so

“When the Black Plague hit in 1347, there was a secret group of five men who worked together to change the world for the better. As this new series starts, an unlikely Canadian journalist finds himself on a mission to find the truth and maybe even save the world himself. Remember that the Pentaverate must never be seen.”

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The Pentaverate Release Date

Who Is in the Cast of Pentaverate?

People will see Myers as eight different characters on the show because he is set to play them.

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The Pentaverate Trailer: When Can I Watch It?