The Paradise Season 3 Canceled Or Renewed Everything So Far

It’s been a long time without BBC’s The Paradise series. What has happened to it? Will Paradise return for Season 3? Let’s find out.

The Paradise is a historical drama of British origin, based on the novel titled Au Bonheur des Dames, written by the French author Émile Zolacostume. Created by Bill Gallagher, the series revolves around a young and ambitious woman named Denise Lovett, who arrives in the city to work in her uncle’s shop. Unfortunately, her uncle cannot afford her to pay, so she moved to The Paradise, the first department store, across the street for Job.

BBC Studios produced the series in collaboration with the Masterpiece production company. The show made its debut on 25 September 2012 and ran for eight episodes, and concluded on 13 November 2012. It got a good response from the audience. Consequently, BBC renewed it for the second helping. Season 2, comprising eight episodes, premiered from 20 October 2013 to 8 December 2013. Since then, fans are longing for Paradise season 3.

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The Plot of The Paradise. What to expect from Paradise Season 3?

Set in 1875, the series focuses on the lives of people who somehow related to the first English department store of the city named The Paradise.

Season 1 opens with Denise, a beautiful and ambitious lady, willing to get a job at her uncles’ store but, unable to secure it. However, she managed to clinch a job in a department store, The Paradise, where she met a handsome and careless owner, John Moray. John was a widower and engaged to a high-class lady named Katherine, just for her money. She seemed to harass him all the time for marriage.

The Paradise Season 3

The series also introduces us to several other characters including Moray’s friend Dudley, Denise’s roommate Pauline, Miss Audrey, and jealous Clara. Seeing Denise’s creative business acumen, John fell in love with her. Sadly, John was involved with Katherine, but he left her at the altar after realizing his feeling for Denise, despite knowing he would lose Paradise.

Season 2 started with a leap of one year, where John was exiled in France, and Denise was still working at The Paradise. Meanwhile, Katherine became the owner of The Paradise and married a man named Tom Weston, who has a ten-year-old daughter named Flora. John was determined to get back his department store from Katherine and was finding ways for it. On the other hand, Tom was doing everything to control Katherine.

After lots of drama, surprises, and shocks, John only secured two rooms in the paradise. Denise, on the other hand, left the ladies wear department in The Paradise, and opened a boutique in place of his uncle’s shop, across the street. Katherine was still with her abusive husband Tom.

Well, the series has a potential plot for season 3.

The Cast of The Paradise Season 3

The creators have not renewed the series so far, so, we do not know about the cast of season 3. However, from the previous season finale, we expect the following character likely return for season 3 if gets renewed,

  • Joanna Vanderham as Denise Lovett
  • Peter Wight as Edmund Lovett
  • Emun Elliott as John Moray
  • Matthew McNulty as Dudley
  • David Hayman as Jonas Franks
  • Sarah Lancashire as Miss Audrey
  • Sonya Cassidy as Clara
  • Stephen Wight as Sam
  • Finn Burridge as Arthur

We might see few new faces as well.

The Paradise Season 3

The Release Date of The Paradise Season 3? When can we watch it?

Season 2 concluded on 8 December 2013, and after two months BBC canceled the series on 12 February 2014. Though the series has more than 5 million viewers and ratings were pretty good, BBC canceled it.

BBC told fans that its ratings were not good compared to other series like Death in Paradise and Sherlock, streaming on the network.

So, till now, there are no chances of The Paradise season 3.

Ratings of The Paradise Season 3

The series scored a great IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10.

Trailer of The Paradise Season 3

The series has been canceled, so there is no trailer for season 3 available. But, let’s check out the trailer of season 2here for reminiscence.

The Paradise Season 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch The Paradise series?

The series is available on PBS to watch. You can also purchase it from Amazon prime video to watch.

Why was the Paradise Cancelled?

BBC announced that the series got low figures in comparison to the other shows streaming on the network. Therefore, BBC canceled the series on 12 February 2014.

Will there be a season 3 of The Paradise?

So far, BBC or other streaming platforms have not picked the series for season 3. As of now, there are no chances of renewal of the series.

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The series is just a simple drama with lots of twists, and turns. Creators have wrapped the story well in two seasons. So, I think, with such low figures, the chances of renewal of the series are very low.

If you love historical dramas, you can give The Paradise a try. Well, I, personally, feel that lots of better options are available in the market now.

The Paradise Season 3

So tell me, folks, how you find the series?

If you have any questions regarding The paradise series, you can ask them in the comment section. Further, don’t forget to bookmark our page for more such articles.

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