The Owners: Everything Know About This Horror Movie?

There are many horror and thriller movies in the entertainment industry of different types in which horror is created by the way of dead bodies, blood, and sometimes with the existence of the ghosts in the mansion or the building.

What do you think the Owners movie is? Is this thriller movie and horror movie like others? Is the movie worth-watching with so much suspense? If you are looking for a horror and scary movie then The owners is not that one type.

It is a suspense movie in which you didn’t even think that old couples are the main protagonist behind the kidnapping of the girls and the Terry whose parents are talking with that couple about the disappearance of their son Terry without knowing they are the main persons behind their son’s vanishing.

The Owners: About & Release Date

the owners

Julius Berg film the owners is a 2020 film which is taken from the Une Nuit de Pleine Lune, which is a novel in the form of pictures or comics.

Mathieu Gompel and Julius Berg along with Geoff Cox gave the screenplay to this movie which focuses on Maisie Williams, Sylvester McCoy, Rita Tushingham, Jake Curran, Ian Kenny and Andrew who are the main stars of this thriller movie.

The movie came out on September 4, 2020 in the United States after taking the distribution rights by RLJE Films in April 2020. The photography of the film starts in May 2019 and the filming of the movie is done in the Victorian Mansion in Kent which is located near London.

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Who Are the Cast Members Who Performed in This Film “the Owner”?

the owners

These the stars who performed their character in this horror film of 2020-

  • Maisie Williams played Mary/ Jane (Nathan’s pregnant girlfriend).
  • Sylvester McCoy played as Dr. Richard Huggins (Old male protagonist).
  • Rita Tushingham played Ellen Huggins (Dr. Richard Huggins’ wife and the old woman).
  • Jake Curran played as Gaz (one of the three friends who killed Nathan).
  • Andrew Ellis played as Terry (one of the friends who also disappeared in the last as he was captured by the old couple).
  • Stacha Hicks played as Jean.
  • Ian Kenny played Nathan.

The Owners: Story

In the story you see that three friends enter into the house of Dr. Richard Huggins and Ellen who are the old couples.

Gaz, Nathan and Terry break the house in search of a safe which is full of cash but the story but their assumption is opposite as it is not with cash rather girls are captured here by the old couples as they are finding their dead daughter Kate in the those girls so they also captured Mary’s twin sister.

The three friends’ matters get complicated when Nathan’s girlfriend returns to take her car back and tells Nathan that she was pregnant with his baby.

After seeing Hugginses return boys tie them and threaten them to open the safe so that they can take the money along with them.

the owners

During conversation Dr. Richard recognises Nathan and Terry and Richard encourages him to stop the activity right now and when Nathan Started to do that Gaz of the friends stabbed Nathan. After stabbing him, he came to hurt Ellie but failed as Mary and Terry saved that old lady who is not a good person.

They both are tricked by the old couples that they are helping them in taking Nathan to the hospital but secretly Ellen drugs Terry and she persuades both of them to drink tea with them. But this time Mary came to know that they are not a good one when they were discussing Mary’s twins.

She planned to escape but failed and as she was shot in her back, she was bleeding at that time. At the time of death she saw her twin sister Jane at the last time and Terry is also captured and tied by the couples with Jane so that he cannot tell their secrets to the whole world as the rest of the three are buried in the garden of Richard’s.

The story ends and the parents of three didn’t know what is the reason behind their children’s disappearance and even the Terry parents are discussing their child missing with the old and cruel couples without knowing that these two are the reasons behind Terry’s disappearance.

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Where to Watch This Suspense “the Owner” Movie?

You can currently stream this thriller movie on Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV’s.

Here The Owners 2020 movie trailer is given for you-

Last Lines

The Owners is not called an excellent movie which only got 4.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDb along with a decrease in its popularity among the movie.

The meaning of the film suggests in the tagline- “Once you break in….You may never get out” it simply when you enter the house you will not come out and your death is confirmed by the owners as they kill everyone who came to know about their secrets.

This thriller, Mystery, horror crime film has more than 150+ user reviews written on IMDB and they even tell how the movie was.