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The Outpost is a show debut by The CW for the first time on July 10, 2018. It is basically an American-fantasy drama that airs on Syfy Channel. The first season becomes a successful hit in fact it is nominated for the Saturn Awards.

Seeing the great values from the show creators decided to give two more additional seasons. The last season airs on 8, October 2019.  Now the show has a total of thirtysix episodes. So today, we have decided to talk about Outpost Season 3, its plotline, cast, and reviews with other details.

Let’s start with this adorable saying-

“We Are Like Fire And Ice, You And I 

Fire And Ice, Destroy Each Other.”

The Outpost Season 3- Star Cast

The Outpost Season 3 has a number of high-profile faces in it.  Izuka Hoyle is seen in the show playing the role of Wren, Anand Desai-Barochia as Janz, Jessica Green as Talon, Jake Stormoen as Garret, and Aaron Fontaine as Baron Tobin Aegisford.

Meanwhile, Georgia May Foote, Reece Ritchie, Imogen Waterhouse are in the sight performing their respective role of  Falista, Zed, and Gywnn.

The outpost season 3

The Storyline of Outpost Third Installment-

The third starts with focusing on, Talon who observes betrayed by her own self. The series explicates how she struggles to regulate with her human friends and her line relatives. She wants to save the life of Garret. In order to do this, Talon requests a black blood Clergyman whose name is Yavalla.

Yavalla is the harmony and peace of era in the world. Later in the show, it is revealed that there is some new power in life that is beyond the “Peace of Era.” The journey continues and as the days pass, Talon desire to know more about her lost family.

I must say the story is quite beautiful. If you haven’t seen the third installment yet then you should check it out. But the ratings are quite low because of less viewership at this time.

Episode List of Season 3

Outpost Season 3 consist of a total of thirteen episodes which are placed below-

  1. For the Sins of Your Ancestors
  2.  The Peace You Promised
  3.  A Life for a Life
  4. The Key to Paradise
  5.  Under Yavalla’s Control
  6. Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj
  7.  Go Ahead and Run
  8.  Dying Is Painful
  9. She Is Not A God
  10.  From Paradise to Hell and Back
  11. The Hardest Part of Being Queen
  12. Where Death Lives
  13. Violence Is Futile

Where We Can Watch The Outpost’s Season 3?

Being an original show of The CW, it is available to stream online there and the best thing about watching the Outpost series there is that you can enjoy the show without noticing an advertisement.

Now for the Netflix lovers, the show is available there too but make sure you have updated your subscription 😉 Not only this Outpost season 3 is also available on the Amazon Prime Video.

Thus, you have a lot of options where you can optic the show!!

Fans Reaction After Watching Season 3-

Here we have added some reviews from the third installment, look how obsessed they are with the series-

  • “Gwinn, 😭😭Without to will be everything different.”
  •  “I miss this show can’t wait😍.”
  • “This is in my recommendation, what is this show oh great it CW guess I have to binge it now.”
  • “Finally!!!!!!!!!! In love with the show, soooooo much!!! Love From My Side!!!”
  • “Omg!!! Did Janzo and Talon KISS!? ♥️♥️♥️ I’m soo excited!”

Have you seen the third installment? Wanna share your reviews with us? Comment Down!!!

Official Teaser- The Outpost Season 3

For those who haven’t seen the official trailer yet! Then you can watch it here-

So, how is the video? Is it the same as you expected? Tell us your reflections with us in our comment section…

Terminal Lines

The third installment has a total of thirteen episodes which are conveying the story further. The show is a great one and now many fans crave to see the fourth installment, right? In the future, we hope to get the same!!

When we get more updates about further episodes then we will surely notify you, so don’t forget to bookmark us.

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Do you have any questions? Willing to ask us? Comment Down your queries readers, we are always there to give you an instant resolution. Also, share your valuable feedback with us! It will be grateful for us to improve💗💗💗.

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