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Is it Worth to Watching The Old Ways (2020)

The Old Ways, directed by Christopher Alender is an American horror film based on demon named ‘POSTEHKI’ possess Cristina Lopez, a Mexican reporter who came back to her hometown Veracruz in search for a story on a local culture. Cristina Lopez follows her desire and enters forbidden territory, where she is possessed by a demon. Before she could understand anything she was kidnapped by a local tribal group who made her believe that she is possess by a demon.

The castings of the movie

  • Brigitte Kali Canales as Cristina
  • Andrea Cortés as Miranda, Cristina’s cousin
  • Julia Vera as Luz
  • Sal Lopez as Javi
  • AJ Bowen as Carson
  • Weston Meredith as Postehki
  • Julian Lerma as the Boy
  • Elizabeth Phoenix Caro as Young Cristina
  • Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez as Cristina’s Mother

What is the plot of the story?

So, before you start downloading the movie, here is a short plot of the movie that can spike up your interest with no time!

It begins with a past incident about twenty years ago when Cristina was a child, she saw her mother undergoes an exorcism. Cristina is summoned to her mother’s bedside by the devil possessing her, who lunges at her and leaves scratch marks on Cristina’s arm. Cristina as an adult, found herself chained to her bed in a rural cabin in Veracruz, Mexico, with a burlap sack over her head, is seen in the starting of film.

Javi, a guy, puts lamps in the little room and dismisses her queries, but he removes her sack and inquires as to why she was in the La Boca location. A burja, Luz, looks into Cristina’s eyes and claims that “She has it”. Then Javi forces Cristina to drink goat milk to purify her soul. Then Miranda, Cristina’s cousin, walks in and says she spotted her in La Boca and took her to Luz and Javi for assistance. After performing several rituals, Luz and Javi believes she’s truly possessed.

The Old Ways

Cristina is continuously convincing Javi that she is a Los Angeles journalist who went to her birthplace to examine the nearby La Boca ruins for a piece on local culture. After convincing Javi to give her bag pack back, somehow she manage to calls her editor Carson for help but Javi takes her phone away. Cristina is addicted to drugs and continuously injecting herself to insist that she is not possessed by demon. Next morning Luz and Javi perform a ritual to exorcise the demon.

Cristina accepts she is possessed as more frightening occurrences occur: snakes enter her chamber while she is chained to the floor, she discovers an oddly mutilated rooster in her cell, and candles gradually burn out, leading to a dark corner of the room. Luz seems to remove animal fangs from her abdomen during another ceremony, and she unsuccessfully attempts to retrieve a snake, which escapes back into her body.

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One night, Cristina chokes Javi unconscious and attempts to go, but she is stopped by an unseen force. After vomiting hair and black fluids, she starts to believe in the demon Postehki. Postehki is known as “the death god of broken things,” and he has taken up residence in her since she is constantly unhappy as a result of her upbringing in foster care and her addiction to heroin. The devil has summoned her to her homeland in order to complete his “consumption” of her.

Cristina inquiries about a mystery boy she occasionally encounters while Luz, Javi, and Andrea prepare for another exorcism session. They all say they don’t know any boys in the area. Cristina learns about the “broken guy ritual” from Miranda’s book. Luz momentarily subdues Cristina by nailing a rope triangle to the floor, which also “nails” Cristina to the floor, during the ceremony.

Luz discovers Postehki and seizes its heart, risking her life to expel it and save Cristina. On the other hand, Cristina scratched Miranda earlier in a prior meeting, and this, like what her mother did to her years ago, provides a portal for the demon. Cristina recognizes that it still wants to use her as a vessel and has switched to Miranda, therefore she must become the new witch to exorcise it. Cristina utilizes the tomes to recreate the ceremony after Javi left town following Luz’s death because he couldn’t deal with losing his mother.

Now Cristina totally committed to the old traditions, painting her face and assuming the identity of Luz. Cristina, on the other hand, is unconcerned about Miranda being chained since she knows the devil is pursuing her. As a result, she taunts it, displaying no fear and saying, “You need me to hurt her.” Cristina tears Postehki’s heart out as its horrible shadow form develops. Miranda takes the sacred sword and stabs Postheki’s heart, incinerating and killing it for good.

Who Is Postehki? Why Did It Possess Cristina?

Cristina’s cousin Miranda told her she was possessed by a monster that resided in the ruins of La Boca. The demon “Postehki” was the broken things’ death god. Postehki, according to legend, feasted on broken objects, including shattered souls who returned to be devoured. Cristina cultivated a seed of grief inside her when her mother died, which she nourished for a long time. Her business existence in America was shown in a brief flashback. Cristina used dangerous medications to numb her memories.

The Old Ways


But something was still missing in her search. Cristina felt compelled to return to her origins. It was for this reason that she asked her senior, Carson, whether she could cover the story. Cristina’s eyes lit up as Miranda informed her about the remains of La Boca. It was as if she had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Cristina was completely ignorant that it was Postehki who had been calling her back all along. Cristina’s fractured soul was intended to be consumed by Postehki, but she was discovered near the ruins before he could do so.

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What was “The Broken Man”?

One morning Miranda handed Cristina a crimson book so she could learn more about the devil living inside her. Cristina uncovered a ceremony known as “the shattered man” in tribal literature. Bruja might take Postehki from Cristina’s body and use it to extinguish the demon for good.

Bruja threw out the demon and seized its heart to kill it in a terrifying scenario. The Bruja, on the other hand, was killed in the explosion. Javi, Cristina, and Miranda were convinced that they had defeated Postehki. As a result, they paid their final respects to Bruja while making plans for a better future. However, the monster attacked once again.

The Final Scene

Cristina rebuilds the shanty and makes Luz’s house her home over the following few weeks. In the last scene, she owns the role of the new bruja. Ironically, Cristina’s boss, Carson, is brought in as a prisoner. Carson travelled to La Boca, where he is said to have been possessed by a devil in the ruins. He knows Cristina went to the caverns, so he’s certain he doesn’t have a demon in him. He was only worried and attempting to locate his colleague. Cristina notices the weird monster moving in his iris with her one eye. Carson is now in her position at the beginning of the movie, oblivious to the fact that he is infected with a demonic parasite. Cristina tells Carson, “We’re not good at this, but we’re going to get better,” as she prepares for the exorcism, “We’re not good at this, but we’re going to become better.”

So do you like the plot? Get a bucket of popcorn, and start watching!! Comment your review. Stay tuned to Keeperfacts to know more.