The Old Way Movie Ending Explained

Nicolas Cage has always taken an unusual approach to his profession, even at the height of his success, but especially during his direct-to-video days. His career has had a rebirth since the year 2020, but it hasn’t prevented him from making films like ‘The Old Way,’ an unrepentant B-movie.

The vengeance western is directed by Brett Donowho and centers on Colton Briggs (Cage), an ostensibly mild-mannered shop owner. Briggs and his daughter Brooke pursue retribution after the horrible death of Briggs’s wife. Soon, he understands that the violence at his door can be linked back to his violent past when the name Colton Briggs struck fear in the hearts of others.

Old Way Ending Explained

Brilliantly subverting revenge, the film highlights the endless circle of vengeance. When the Marshal and his posse leave, Briggs burys his wife and ruins his house. Briggs and Brooke travel lightly to discover the killers of his wife. Before Briggs arrives, the criminals set a trap for the Marshal and his men in order to murder them.

As ordered, Boots (Shiloh Fernandez), the group’s youngest member, shoots the closest man instead of the Marshal. Two Marshal soldiers survive the conflict. Briggs and his daughter find them. Briggs wants the murderers of the Marshal’s wife. Boots is joined by Big Mike, Eustace, and Jimmy McCallister (Noah Le Gros). Even the last name does not explain why the criminals targeted Briggs’ home.

The Old Way Movie Ending Explained

Before traveling to Santa Rosa, Mexico, the robbers rob Jimmy of a substantial amount of Mexican currency. Jimmy anticipates Briggs at a familiar location. They hire several locals for the anticipated confrontation. Briggs has an issue. He knows the faces of his opponents, but not theirs. Brooke proposes to enter the city. They identify her and abduct her. Briggs enters the town after seeing that something is amiss.

Old Way Plot Summary

A little Western village prepares to execute an individual. Briggs is the hired assassin for the most powerful and affluent man in the town, who ordered the execution. Only his horrible mustache shows Briggs’s youth.

Mr. McCallister, who will be hanged in front of his son, was clearly opposed to the wealthy individual. The brother of McCallister abruptly stops countless individuals. They fire at the wealthy man and his henchmen.

Briggs does not take action until he is shot. He then kills the rescuers, including McCallister’s brother, in a methodical manner. As he departs with the dying man’s money, a bereaved McCallister takes his brother’s gun and tries to murder Briggs, but Briggs fires first and kills McCallister. Briggs aims his weapon at McCallister’s son but does not fire.

Two decades. Ruth (Kerry Knuppe), a woman Briggs met during the middle phase, inspired him to develop. To gain her love, Briggs renounced violence. He married and shaved. Brooke was their only child. When the tale continues, Brooke is a young adult. Brooke attends school in town, and Briggs has a company there, yet the family lives on its own farm. As content as a man like Briggs could be.

The Old Way Movie Ending Explained

No matter how long you hide, if you have led a life of murder and destruction, violence will find you. When Briggs and Brooke are in town, four outlaws pay them a visit. Ruth fights valiantly but is brutally murdered. US Marshal Jarett and his team welcome Briggs and Brooke at their residence. They are searching for Ruth’s killers. Due to her passing, they moved in.

Who is Jimmy Mccallister?

Jimmy is immediately identified as Mr. McCallister’s son, whom Briggs saves. He informs Brooke that his biological father passed away before his birth. Over time, he attributes his transformation into a monster to Briggs. Brooke is his sister, while Briggs is his second father. After fatally wounding Briggs, he tells his dead biological father that he killed him. Brooke shoots him as he is busy with his joyous vengeance.

The movie “The Old Way” depicts vengeance as everlasting and useless. Jimmy murdered Ruth after Briggs murdered his father, compelling Briggs to go in search of him. Jimmy is murdered by Brooke for killing her parents. Brooke could wish Jimmy did not have children. He will propagate violence.