The Office Season 10 Release Date : Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!


Updated On 26 January

Waiting for The Office Season 10? What, if I said the creators decided to reboot it? I know, it's like a dream come true for the fans and after hearing this make sure to tighten your belts for the shocking news.


The Office Season 10 is returning for the fans. In this, we are covering all the information that you want to know but make sure to read it till the end so that you won't miss an update 🥂

According to the reports, season 10 was confirmed in 2017, if there will be new broadcasting then the shooting will be in the fiction Scranton Pensyvalania Branch with a mix of characters both old and new are going to rock and roll this time.

NBC has shown an instant interest in rebooting the story again! The show reboot is not awful until our old stars are in this, what do you think?


What Is The Release Date of The Office Season 10?

NBC has decided to release this upcoming drama in 2021. The date is not fixed but yes, the season is confirmed by NBC. Well, while we figure out the real dates we will add that too in this. Let's move straight to the good news and luckily for the fans the good news is the star cast and some known information that we have collected from our sources.

the office season 10

Is The Office Season 10 Accessible On Netflix?

The show is easily accessible to watch on Netflix, get your subscription ready or renewed for the office🥂🥂🥂.

Cast And Crew of The Office Season 10

The details of the cast who and who will appear are scarce but some reports said that Michael Scott has decided to pack his bags and not going to arrive in season 10.

“NBC Like You Know Who We Didn't Like Jim No While Others”

Moreover, You are going to see a bit deeper about the relationships of the characters this time with some nice surprises. Keep your finger cross for the new slice, it's going to be complete fun.

Truth About Why Steve Carell Left The Office?

It is hard to believe that Steve has decided to say goodbye to its fan but why? Well, it been a decade we are seeing Steve playing the role of Michael Scott but maybe not this time. His last words are “that his days in the fictional Dunder Mifflin Office were possibly numbered, He told the BBC about the Office contract only ran for season 7. And after season 7, we haven't seen Steve.

Moreover, Brian Whittle tried to explain the overall events that happen in the office. Even Brain think of leaving the show by seeing the “none” reviews of the audience on the news that he is going to leave the show too. After this incident, Whittle thinks that he might work on something better and make the audience more proud.

Pam And Jam Relationship In “The Office”

This is the story of the office love relationships in less then one minute, which is enough time to satisfy the rabid fans- she said.

Let's Begin🥂

It is a documentary follows the day to day activities or task of the Dunder Mafflin. Those who haven't aware what Dunder Mafflin is it is basically a paper company, in Scranton. The company is run by the branch manager, whose name is Michael Scott. The top company dealers are under the regional manager- Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert.

Here the love story started! Jim is in love with her collegue in office name Pam Beesly but the twist is she is already mingle to someone else. On the other side Scott used to sleep with her boss, Jan.

After sometime Jim develops number of feeling for Pam and then boom, the feelings came out from the heart of Jim and he decided to purpose pam and what the shocking answer is from the Pan's side is? Do you know what happened next?

Yes, Pam Kissed Jim but she don't want to break her previous relationship with her husband. Jim was now transfered to new office where he meets a new saleman Andy and then the rest is the story.

Fans Eagerness

I love how they ended on “Everybody stay fu**ing calm

For the confused office fans, it ain’t real. Most of the Kelly scenes are taken from the Mindy Project. The entire thing is done to create more hype.

Is this real or fake because don’t mess with my feelings when it comes to the office?

It's so weird to see “the office” in a more cinematic style 😂

Season 10? More like 10 months later and I'm STILL waiting.”

I’m still annoyed how they ruined Andy. I get it, he was leaving and they needed a way to get him off tv but they didn’t have to betray the character to do it. It’s like they merged old Andy with Michael Scott and it was just a nightmare.

I know you are craving for this too, like me! When we get to season 10 we will watch it together 🙂 till then you can enjoy this latest anime.

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What About The Office Season 10 Trailer?

There is no positive news about the trailer but hoping we get the trailer super soon, till then enjoy this video in which you find what Tim said and how he reacted to the question asked to him in an interview.

Season Name The Office Season 1o
Genre Mockumentary, Workplace comedy, Cringe comedy
Release Date Soon
Streaming Platform NBC

Bottom Lines

What do you think? Is the season going to add some new characters to make the love life of Jim more fun? Well, opening my box of excitement i think yes. There will be some new office collegaue which are going to be add. Talking about the main question, where we can watch the season 10?

NBC has decided to decrease the list of streaming platforms that's why it has cuted the show from it's previously streaming site peacock.

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