The OA Season 3: Everything You Should Know

“He Was An Explorer, And Death Was His Frontier.”

The OA

After the successful completion of two seasons of OA, OA fans are expecting its season 3. The show was not big a hit but still, it’s the fans are expecting Season 3. So, if you are also looking for the details of Season 3 then stay tuned with us until the end.

So, Let’s get started:

The OA:

It is an American mystery drama series with a mixed blend of science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy elements. This television series is created and produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, this is their third collaboration.

The OA

Two seasons of the series are already released consisting of eight episodes. But it was not a big hit and some of the viewers criticized the show.

To give you a deep understanding, Let’s check the IMBd rating.

IMBd Rating of The OA:

I know you all are curious to know about the rating so that you get to know about the OA in detail. According to the IMBd, the shows gain a 7.8 rating from the IMBd. The rating of the show is acceptable. I have shared the screenshot, have a look at it:

The OA

To give you further ease, we have shared reviews of some of the viewers:

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OA Reviews:


I watched this a few months ago and ended up deeply enthralled in this storyline and was so confident that there would be a 3rd season. I was honestly so convinced that there would be a 3rd season that I never even considered the fact that it could even be canceled. And not only was it interesting, but it was also insanely innovative, well done, and likely an actual original concept

Peter Vo Hatron:

Considering the usual output of droll and over-hyped Netflix Original shows, The OA is a welcome and amazing work of art that transcends both genre and predictable storytelling. Of course, it may not be for everyone, but if you’re tired of the same old nonsense and enjoy cerebral stuff, it’s a beautiful and mind-twisting masterpiece.

Perhaps the most polarizing aspect of season 1 was the interpretive dance moves, which we’re told openly a path to another dimension. I found them a bit hard to take seriously at first, but by the end, I was bawling my eyes out at the graceful way they were performed and used.

Dirk Venter:

This is a movie that you’ll truly love or hate. It has so much going for it, but I found the episodes moved with all the speed of continental drift. Anyhow the idea here is that you might be able to return to life after death.

And when you return you may come back with amazing superpowers – and handicaps. Like powers of resurrection, prophecy, healing, and the ability to travel between parallel universes. With so much great sci-fi stuff to work with how could they possibly go wrong, right?

Hoping are enjoying the details about prior seasons of OA.

Now, let’s move towards the OA Season 3:

The OA Season 3:

The OA

Followers are expecting the OA Season 3, till now there is no confirmation about the OA season 3 yet. Even there is a doubt whether Season 3 will happen or not. So, to know the whole story, read till the end.

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Whether OA Season 3 will happen or not?

Well, despite an incredible force from the fans to conserve the OA Season 3, they are unable to save Season 3. After the cancellation news of OA Season 3, some of the viewers are of the view that let move to another dimension where season three is available.

The OA

Initially, according to the DigitalSpy, the makers of the OA have planned five seasons but they change their plan, ULTIMATELY THE SHOW IS CANCELLED.

In a report presented by the DigitalSpy, one of the series star Jason validated the show’s cancellation in July. Here are his words:

“It won’t be coming back, but you know, we made two seasons of maybe the most brilliant and original and imaginative show that I’ve been involved with within 32 years. It’s never fun when a good show ends before its intended conclusion. Even if The OA has reached the end of the road, it was still well-written, superbly acted, and had a unique plot.”

Disheartedly, we have to say that show will not coming back to relish you.

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The OA Season 3: Release Date:

The first season was released on 16 December 2016 and the season second was renewed on February, 8th 2017. On March 22nd, 2019, the dubbed second part was released.

The OA

Initially, already stated five seasons were planned but On August 5th, 2019, Netflix decided to drop the further seasons. And the creators Zalbaltmangi and Marling express their about series and declared that will not be able to continue the series.

The OA Season 3: Cast:

The OA

Here, is a list of the impressive star cast of the OA.

  • Brit Marling acts as Prairie Johnson.
  • Emory Cohen in the role of Homer Roberts.
  • Scott Wilson portrays the role of Abel Johnson.
  • Phyllis Smith plays the role of Betty BBA.
  • Patrick Gibson worked as a Steve Winchell.
  • Alice Krige works as Nancy Johson.

All the above-listed cast members screened in the previous seasons of the OA. These cast members are well known and well-admired by the OA fans. In case the makers shift their decision and renew the series again, these star cast will definitely appear in the upcoming season. As of now, the series is canceled.

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The OA Season 3: Expected Plot:

There is nothing like the expected plot of the OA season 3 as the series is canceled by NetFlix. The OA ended with Season 2 but the ending was not perfect as per the viewers. Some of the fans went on the Hunger Strike in front of the Netflix office in the Los Angels.

The show producer came up there and offer him food and water. Even many followers and the organizations signed petitions and ran numerous campaigns asking for Season 3. Furthermore, some followers raised the funds through the Billboards to stimulate season 3 but nothing worked for the continuation of the Series.

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Till now there is no information for the renewal of the series so we can conclude that the OA series has ended. Stay tuned…If there will be any update then we will provide you.

Famous Dialogues of OA series:

Here, we have listed some of the well-known dialogues of the series.

“Lab Rats Are Only Powerless Because They Don’t Understand That They’re In An Experiment.”

To Exist Is To Survive Unfair Choices.”

“It’s Not Really A Measure Of Mental Health To Be Well-Adjusted In A Society That’s Very Sick.”

People Who Want Power Will Always Try To Control Those Who Truly Possess It.”

Captivity Is A Mentality. It’s A Thing You Carry With You.”

Knowledge Is A Rumor Until It Lives In The Body.”

You’ll Find Your Freedom. In Your Thoughts, In Your Dreams.”


This article was all about OA season 3, whether it will be there to relish you or not. It provides you in-depth details about the cancellation of the series along with the previous series rating. If you haven’t watched any of the seasons then you must go for it.

If you have any other query then write us in the comment section.

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