The Nut Job 3: Rleease Date Confirmed

Last updated on 29 January,2022

Wandering about The Nut Job 3 movie, is it coming or not? If you are willing to know everything about the movie then you are at the right place.

 So let's start with the description of the movie The Nut Job.

The Nut Job 3

The Nut Job is a 3D animated comedy film which is directed by Peter Lepeniotis he also wrote the film with Lorne Cameron.

The movie is adapted from Lepeniotis' 2005 short animated film Surly Squirrel. The film was released on 17 January in the year 2014. The budget of The Nut Job was $43 million and it earned $120.9 million worldwide.

What About The Movie Nut Job Is?

The movie is about a squirrel named Surly and his dumb rat partner Buddy ,lived in the fictional town of Oakton City.

Both of them are known for their thieving reputation. What happened in the first part of the movie… Surly is the main figure and character of the film who is a kind of selfish type of person, he was kicked out of his community because of the latest crime he did!

A group of animals is lead by a Raccoon and his assistant. They are running out of food for winter.

The Release Date of The Nut Job 3

Raccoon wants to destroy Surly as he is a robber, but Surly he returns the rob nut and stops robbing the banks, at last, he understands what is life is about. He gets to know that life is not about himself only, it's about helping and caring  others.The Nut Job 3

The first Nut Job movie was released on January 17, in the year 2014. And the second part of the movie came out on August 11, in the year 2017, named The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature.

On February 21, 2020, Redrover International Co ltd announced that the third sequel of the movie is also in development but due to the Covid-19 pandemic attack, they delayed the release date and the making of the movie.

GenreComedy, Family
Directed byPeter Lepeniotis
Box office$ 120.9 million
Music byPaul Intson
Streaming sitesyoutube

But don't lose hope we are going to get the movie so super soon, many believed that the film will come out in month of September in the year 2021 but don't stick to them because they aren't the official release date of the movie, when we get more updates than we are going to add more in this post, till then stay tuned.

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Where We Can Watch The Nut Job First And Second Part?

This movie is available on online streaming platforms, first one is Netflix and the second one is Amazon Prime Video.  In some of the  regions, the movie is not available on Netflix but you can always stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

This movie is so good for children because of the action and adventures in it. Do check out the first and the second part of the movie as a substitute with your toddlers.The Nut Job 3 Release date

The Cast Of The Nut Job 3- Whom We Gonna Meet?

Will Arnett as Surly

Brendan Fraser as Grayson

Jeff Dunham as Mole

Liam Neeson as Norvirus Raccoon

Katherine Heigl as Andie

Stephen Lang as Percy “King” Dimpleweed

Maya Rudolph as Precious, a pug 

Sarah Gadon as Lana, King's girlfriend.The Nut Job 3 Storyline

Last words 

The Nut Job did very well on the box office it crossed over $64 million in North America and crossed $56 million in other countries, the worldwide collection by the movie is $120 million. The movie was positioned at number three in the first week with $19,423,000, in North America.

The Nut Job also won the Audience Award for Best Children's Animation in 2015 at the Brussels Animation Film Festival.

season 1in 2016
season 2in 2017
season 3in 2023

The IMDb ratings of the movie are 5.7 out of 10. This extraordinary effect of the film essentially implies that we will see more from the makers perhaps ten sections. simply joking, we are wanting to get the third portion soon, stay tuned.

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