The Night Manager: is It Worth the Hype? Check the Honest Review!

The Night Manager is an Indian binge-viewing drama. Those with a Hotstar membership get access to the online series. On February 17, the first season of the show, consisting of four episodes, was released. The Night Manager is an Indian remake of the Golden Globe-winning British drama of the same name, which was based on a novel by John Le Carré.

The remake of the English version of the drama starring Jonathan Pine, Richard Onslow, Jed Marshall, etc. is the Indian version. The cast of the Indian adaptation includes renowned actors such as Aditya Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Shobhita Dhulipala, and Tillitama Shome. Before you continue, please be informed that there will be spoilers; but, don’t worry, because the show was just recently released, we won’t give away the full plot.

Review of “The Night Manager”

At least during the first season, the plot did not strike me as very original, and I did not watch the original British version. Safina’s death and Shaan’s direct involvement, along with his alliance with Lipika, in revealing Shailendra Rungta’s true identity to the Law, were examples of aspects of the plot that were quite predictable.

But, this does not mean there were no surprise moments in the show. For instance, the initial scene depicting Shaan’s escape from the police turned out to be significantly different than anticipated, or at least from what I anticipated. The thriller contains plotlines that are quite a cliche. To not fully discount the suspense element of the miniseries, certain moments were tense, especially after Shaan became a spy for Lipika.

The Night Manager: is It Worth the Hype? Our Honest Review

It is mostly because Shaan’s activities appear reckless, especially given that the man he is pursuing is dangerous. I do not recall laughing at any of the jokes while watching the show. Perhaps the jokes fell flat, or the style of comedy employed was not my cup of tea.

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Corruption at the Very Top in the Series

The depiction of RAW was likewise considerably different from the organization’s regular depiction. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is India’s foreign intelligence organization. It is a highly protected and covert organization. Although not all of us are familiar with RAW’s inner workings, we recognize that it is an important organization.

The agent is seen entering a facility called Public Works Department and then passing through the pantry, which is the South Asian Division of the RAW headquarters.

The office environment resembles that of a typical government office. Due to the nature of the organization and the fact that it is only a branch, it makes sense for a RAW office to stay unknown and operate undercover.

But what appeared unbelievable was the RAW’s corruption. Well, we have seen this in numerous American films where the FBI is corrupt; perhaps it was just me, but I expected the RAW to be free of corruption.

The Night Manager Plot Summary from Episodes 1 to 4

Aditya Roy Kapoor plays Shaan Sengupta, a criminal who escapes from the police in a police vehicle. To understand how the scene began, we move back in time. The first portion takes place in Bangladesh during the Rohingya Muslim migration. Ex-Navy officer Shaan manages The White Flower Resort. He’s a hardworking host.

But, a problem arises. Safina, Freddie Rahman’s third wife, stays in the deluxe suite. Safina, 14, requests his assistance in fleeing to India. He faces a problem because Freddie Rahman is powerful and dangerous. He sympathizes with the child bride who must live with this weirdo.

The Night Manager: is It Worth the Hype? Our Honest Review

Fearing penalties, he initially refuses to aid her. Safina grabs his phone and records a video for his Indian Embassy friend. The footage shows Freddie Rahman and prominent figure Shailendra Rungta illegally distributing guns.

Shaan calls his acquaintance, who sends the footage to RAW Bangladesh desk officer Lipika Saikia. Lipika tries to get the head to act against Shailendra (Shelley), but Shelly is more powerful than expected.

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Lipika denies spreading the info and vows to aid them. The informant is a fourteen-year-old child, which shocks her. Lipika’s phone is tapped, killing Safina. Shaan vanished after her murder was ruled a suicide. Shaan becomes Night Manager at another hotel, where Shailendra Rungta arrives as a guest.

Shaan acquires Sailendra Gupta’s sim card details after this event. He sends these to degraded Lipika. Shaan becomes Lipika’s spy. Shaan will assist bring Shelly and his accomplices down.

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