The Most Awaited Titans 3 Is Here | Know Everything About It

DC comics have always attracted a lot of people. Although the fight between DC and Marvel will go till infinity, there is no doubt that both of these have produced some of the amazing movies and shows. So, are you a DC fan or a MARVEL fan? Tell me in the comment section. Whoever you choose but there is the latest marvel show which is lately gaining a lot of attraction toward himself. Yes, you guessed it right, Wandavision is the latest show by marvel universe. DC too, have a lot of shows and movies in their bucket list to release in 2021, one of them is Titans

Titans has already released its two seasons and now the third season is also renewed too. If you’re a fan of this series then stay till the end of this article to know everything about it. 

Titans 3

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Titans 3 – What do I need to know? 

The DC universe original superhero movie, Titans, which was first released on 3 October, 2018. If you are a die-hard fan of DC then you would know that this series is based on the comic book named Teen Titans. If you are a big fan of superhero films then it would be a treasure for you because along with it you are getting action, adventure, thriller and drama.  The main protagonist of this show is Dick Grayson, who along with his fellow members join a group in order to fight against crime. The creators of this show are Akiva Goldsman, Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns.

Till now, there are 2 seasons of titans released and the third season is already renewed for the people. If you are a big fan of DC and haven’t watched this series till yet then watch it as soon as possible. The titans web series is available on NETFLIX. 

Furthermore, there are a total of 24 episodes with each of them having an average of 40 to 50 minutes of screen time. 

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Titans 3 – When it is going to release?

The third instalment of Titans is recently in talk and why shouldn’t it be? The series is one of the greatest and we can at least expect the developers to release its third part. After the ending of season 2, the season 3 was decided to be renewed. Unlike the first and second season, the third season will air on HBO Max. Now, talking about the release date of Titans 3, well it is a little tricky. 

After the announcement, the production of the DC series Titans started in 2019. Then the year 2020 arrives and we all know what has happened this year. Due to the Covid-19, the production of many movies and web series was cut off in between. Covid-19 has turned the life of people upside down that’s why the release date of titans is also postponed. 

Luckily, we can see the movie this year, 2021. The production of Titans regained its pace in 0ctober, 2020 and fans are happy with it. If you are eager to watch the third season then don’t worry because it will premiere in June 2021. Just wait a little and then you are ready to go! 

The official Instagram account of DCtitans have posted a picture of character Red hodd. In the post they have officially announced the release of season 3.


View this post on Instagram


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Titans 3 – Who is going to return? 

Since the season 1, we have been seeing Brenton Thwaites as a main protagonist and playing the character of Dick Grayson or you can call him Nightwing. The main character of this show is already popular and it wouldn’t be the best idea to not cast him. We can expect him to return back as usual. Moreover, the other members of the group will be the same. 

Titans 3

But in season 3 there will be something which will attract the eyes of the people, even of the non-watchers. What? Our favorite character Bruce Wayne is going to come as a guest character and he is also one of the reasons why the third season is in talk lately. I have listed the characters who are going to be cast in the third season take a look.

  • The main character, Brenton Thwaites will be back as Dick Grayson.
  • Anna Diop will be seen as Kory Anders.
  • Teagan Croft will going to cast Rachel Roth.
  • Ryan Potter as Gar Logan.
  • Curran Walters as usual Red Hood.
  • Conor Leslie will act as Donna Troy.
  • Chelsea Zhang as the character Rose Wilson.
  • Joshua Orpin will be seen as Conner.
  • Minka Kelly as the character Dawn Granger (Dove)
  • Alan Ritchson will be seen as Hawk.
  • Damaris Lewis as usual Blackfire.

Moreover, it is officially confirmed that Savannah Welch and Jay Lycurgo are going to be cast as a Guest character along with Iain Glen.

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Why this series have so many Characters?

There is no doubt the titans is a great series but the only thing that I personally don’t like is the number of characters. By now, you have already read the list which I have mentioned above. Don’t you feel that there are a lot of superheroes? Comment us down if you share the same thought.  The DC comic have tried to put every character which they have in their comics into this series, I mean hold on this isn’t Infinity War. With so many new characters, the old one aren’t getting much attention and they are kinda side lined. 

The admirers of the show are also criticizing this and I have seen a numerous of tweets relating to this issue. A person on twitter wrote, “You already gave so many good characters. Focus on making the good characters great, before introducing more good characters. We need development, rather than fan service. Fan service is something you build to, by having great characters.”

While another says, “How about focus on the core 4 instead of adding every single character that’s ever been created? What does Tim add to the story that we aren’t or haven’t gotten from Dick and Jason already? I don’t get this, sorry. Cast is stacked as it is and they’ve proved they can’t handle this many characters. Barbara at least adds something to the story”

Not only this, but there are rumors that the show is also going to cast Batgirl. The titans have already allowed batman in their show and now batgirl?. However, there are many people who are happy with these superheroes and the show is already getting more attention because of it. 

Titans 3

What are the ratings of this how?

By far now, this show has received a good amount of feedback from the people. Not only this but the critics have also given a good rating to this show. Titans have 80% of rotten tomatoes and the IMDb rating of this show is 7.7/10. 

Furthermore, the has given an 8.1/10 rating to this show. The show is loved by many people and that’s how it has gained 4.4 stars in Audience Rating Summary. 

What do you think about this show? Tell me in the comment section 🙂

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