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The Messenger Is Preparing Its Sequel? Confirmed News To Read

The messengers, an American horror movie that has been loved by a lot of people. Talking about horror shows, then I am a big fan of these horror movies and I know that my readers are also a fan of these kinds of movies. There are shows like Brahms – the boy, Marianne 2, Vampire Knights, and many more, which you guys loved to read. So, The Messenger is a similar kind of movie which will definitely be a thriller one of the movie lovers. 

The show has been in talks lately and you know why it is? Well if you don’t then I am here to tell you everything about this series. The CW network has canceled the series to release its second part for the audience. 

Despite the popularity of this show, the show got canceled and it was a sound of relief to many people. With the awkward and weird kind of storyline, not everyone is a big fan of this movie but still, there are people who love The messengers. 

In this article, we will be going to talk about the second part of it and why it got canceled. We will also throw some light at the possibilities of the second season. So, basically, you will get to know everything about this movie. 

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The Messenger – A Horror Movie for you!

A supernatural Horror film which is lately in talk because of the cancellation of its sequel. A 2007 horror drama movie is made under the supervision of the Pang Brothers, who is a popular duo for making horror movies. 

The messenger follows the storyline of a family who left apart from each other when something dark matter hits the earth. The storyline of this movie looks quite weird and awkward to many people but the show admirers are the ones who loved it. If you want to know about the story then I’ll be mentioning it below. You can read it and enjoy the summary.

Moreover, the movie stars actors the famous actor  Kristen Stewart, who is already known for her amazing work in the Twilight series. Other than her, the show follows the actors Dylan McDermott, John Corbett,  Carter Kolbeck, William B. Davis, and Penelope Ann Miller in a supporting character.

The Messenger – What is the plotline of this show?

the messenger 2

The story of this horror movie is quite the same as the other movies. Everything starts from the time when a mother decided to take her little son to a different city but suddenly a huge thing attacked them and killed their whole family. Everything became normal after some time. 

The story fasts forward to five years later when another family comes to the same house. The Solomon family is not like every other family. The members got issues that are not commonAnd the disturbance starts from there.

The daughter of the family was not excited about moving to the new city of Chicago. Their son is a patient of anxiety and trauma after he got injured in a car accident. 

The story takes too many turns when the family gets into the house and the story becomes weird to me. The people complain that the show follows the typical horror story and there is nothing too exciting about it. 

But after so much drama and all the things. The movie ends on a happy note. Their son became normal and started to talk again.

After seeing the ending, I don’t really think that there is a need to extend the story. What do you think? Take a tour to the next section and read out the possibilities this show holds for another season. 

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The Messenger 2 – Will there be a Sequel?

the messenger 2

The first season was aired on 2 February 2007 and after that, there was a long break in the movie. The movie was made on a budget of $16 Million and it later hit $55 Million in the box office. The show was not that great success for the audience but it however earns a great amount of money as compared to what it has invested.

Seeing the profit, one can really think that the show will be a hit and it will earn a great amount of money if they produce a sequel but it isn’t. This might be shocking for most of you but the messenger is not releasing its second season.

If the show had to release a sequel then it would have released till now. It’s been already 14 years since the last time we saw the messengers on the screen. Till now, the fans of this movie also have realized that this is not the right thing to wait for. 

On the other hand, the movie ended on a happy note with the son being finally able to speak and the people don’t want it to get ruined. Sometimes it is okay to leave a show in the term where it is.

The Messenger 2 – Why the Show Cancelled?

The reason behind the cancellation of this show is the Viewership and the ratings. The show fails to entertain a large number of people and it only turns out a piece of a creepy movie. The movie premiered back in 2007 and at that time Kristen Stewart became quite a name among the people of Hollywood.

Other than her, the show got some of an amazing cast and characters but what I personally felt was that the storyline was low for them. With Dylan McDermott, John Corbett, Penelope Ann Miller, the creators have made some amazing shows. An amazing actor won’t do any good to a show if they didn’t get a good storyline. 

The ratings of the messenger were very low and that’s why the creators didn’t think more and canceled the show.

Additionally, how can you unsee the viewership? The official trailer of this show didn’t cross a million views. All these things led to the cancellation of the movie. 

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The Messenger 2 – What is the release date?

The second part of the messenger isn’t released yet. The release date of this movie is not very bright. The show is neither confirmed to actually premiere and the release date is also not out. There is no sign of the movie being released. 

If the movie happens to be released, then I’ll update this section with the updated version. If the movie starts soon and the production starts this year then we might be able to see the movie in 2022-2023. 

The Messenger 2 – Where is the Official Trailer? 

The official trailer of the first season isn’t out yet. If you are one of those people who are looking for the trailer of the second season then sadly the trailer isn’t out yet. But if you are new to this series then I am sure that you are unable to see the trailer of the first part. If you are interested to watch it then I’ll be linking it below. 

What are the ratings of this show?

If you are one of those people who look at the ratings and reviews of a show before watching it then you are at the right place. I normally say that these things don’t play many roles in the formation of the greatest show but today I slightly move backward. 

This is because sometimes the ratings are not the only thing to judge on. Like, you know the critics might hate the show but the audience’s love and support is all that a show needs. 

The messenger neither falls in any of these categories. The show falls badly in both aspects. Neither the ratings are good nor the reviews. 

With only 12% of rotten tomatoes, the show isn’t worth watching. The IMDb rating of this show is also low as 5.4/10. Coming to the last critic rating which is Metacritic. The Metacritic rated the show with 34% of ratings, 

The audience and the critics both titled this movie with the words Boring, Mindless, Illogical, Creepy, and Corny. Tell me what are your thoughts about this movie?

Final Words

If someone will ask me to summarize the messenger with a sentence then I would definitely say that this is a horror story with a creepy storyline. I mean the story isn’t the greatest and follows the same stereotype of what’s going on through ages in these kinds of movies. There are no chances of the return of this movie and I would clear;y state that I don’t hope that the sequel would come to you. The show is officially canceled to release the second part. But you’re never late to try other things, RIGHT? 

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