The Menu Movie Ending Explained: From Margot to Chef Slowik


The Menu is a dark, suspenseful film that has garnered notoriety owing to its original and exceedingly complex plot. This article will, however, describe the whole conclusion of The Menu. Each character in the film, from Margot to Slowik the cook, has their own importance. Everyone is simply so distinct.

You will see food, people, a gorgeous island, fatalities, and the motivation behind everything that occurs. The cast of the film includes Anya Taylor-Joy as Margot, Nicholas Hoult as Tyler, Ralph Fiennes as Chef Julian Slowik, Janet McTeer as Lillian Bloom, Hong Chau as Elsa, and Rob Yang as Bryce, among others.


The chef's vicious character is very disturbing to see. It will completely shock your head how Margot handles things. So, without further ado, let us examine the conclusion of The Menu.

The Menu Ending Explanation

It was time for the third supper, which included tortilla bread with distinct laser engravings for each visitor to remind them of bad past events.


Later, he and his squad unleash complete chaos, resulting in several fatalities. Margot discovers that Slowik was a cook who prepared burgers and fries before to becoming the manager of this exclusive eatery. Slowik was really satisfied with his previous occupation.

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The Menu Storyline

In the film, The Menu, renowned chef Julian Slowik offers his privileged and affluent diners a dining experience unlike any other. The chef prepares an extravagant dinner for his visitors. However, its somewhat exorbitant price of $1,250 per person does not appeal to many. The name of the restaurant is Hawthorn.

As the eleven passengers, including a couple called Tyler and Margot, disembark off the hired ship, however, nothing is usual and things begin to go awry. Margot is first shocked by the expense of the place, but Tyler encourages her by emphasizing that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The Menu Movie Ending Explained: From Margot to Chef Slowik

Soren, Bryce, George, Dave, Richard, and his wife Anne, Felicity, Lillian Bloom, and Ted are among the other attendees. Margot gradually realizes that Tyler is utterly bonkers and a chef enthusiast. Simply stated, Margot was not in the mood; she found everything weird.

Rapidly, it becomes clear that the restaurant and chef are not who they claim to be; they clearly have ulterior, less desirable intentions. The other chefs' irrational allegiance to the chief chef, Slowik, is terrifying as visitors begin to die one by one.

Motives of Sadistic Slowik

Slowik himself is in charge of the whole operation, which is basically a vengeance plot. He wants to murder everyone, even himself. He has lost all interest in his career and wants to go on a weak note. Tyler had such admiration for Slowik's art that he attended the dinner even though he was aware that attending would amount to committing suicide. Tyler dies too.

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Later, it was found that Tyler had recruited Margot to accompany him since his actual girlfriend did not. Each of Slowik's guests was chosen with both his history and presence in mind. He no longer finds cooking exciting and enjoyable since he considers it beneath him.

Nonetheless, individuals had grown into a type of exclusive luxury and agenda-setting. Over the course of his career, he has come to feel that they are all responsible for this, which has dampened his enthusiasm for cooking.

Slowik is likewise of the opinion that, despite the fact that wealth has benefited the food sector, it has raised the expense of eating out. Because not everyone has access to what is today seen as a luxury, this has also contributed to the widening of the social difference. Therefore, he intends to punish everyone.

The Menu Movie Ending Explained: From Margot to Chef Slowik

Margot & Her Cheeseburger

Then, Margot proceeds to the kitchen, where she informs the cook that she is famished and dislikes the food being served. When asked what she would like to eat, she requests a cheeseburger and fries from Slowik. After he succeeds, Margot is shown eating a cheeseburger aboard the ship while Hawthorn vanishes, and the remainder is consumed by fire. Consequently, everything and everyone perishes.

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Why Didn’t He Kill Margot?

Margot is not intended to be a part of Slowik's complicated scheme. She does not see his cuisine as anything other than food, and she is neither wealthy nor snobbish. Since she was a sex worker, he feels she understands what it's like to grow up with relatively few peers.