The Matrix: Resurrections: Know Everything About the Upcoming Movie!

When Keanu Reeves came up with John Wick in 2014, we knew that something big was going to come up. The actor has already made himself known in Hollywood after releasing the super-blockbuster movie. Now, a movie starring Keanu Reeves would definitely become famous for sure. Fans are waiting for the actor’s upcoming movie, The Matrix: Resurrections which was announced years ago.

The actor has already become popular for his first action movie and hands over what it looks like to be one of the famous hollywood action heroes. While the actor’s other movie, John Wick: Chapter 4 is another movie that is making the fans excited.

2020 came as a major hit for the film industry as it shut down the production of many movies. It has also postponed the release date of many upcoming movies that have been the most awaited for the audience.

But the fans were already waiting for the two Keanu Reeves upcoming movies and it has put them in the waiting.

Another big Hollywood celebrity, Tom Cruise has been making the Top Gun: Maverick and it was considered as one of the biggest sequels that anyone has wished for. The first part of the movie was released 30 years ago and now the movie’s sequel has been finally renewed to be on the screen.

The Tom Cruise movie has already got a release date for 2019 but it was already delayed because of the pandemic. Both Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise have been one of the famous action movies and their upcoming films are awiting us for quite a long time.

The Matrix: Resurrections – Know About it!

The Matrix: Resurrections

Keanu’s Reeves upcoming movie The Matrix: Resurrections is a science fiction movie which is actually the fourth installment of the Matrix series. The upcoming movie is directed by the famous Lana Wachowski who have not only co-written the movie but also produced it. She has already worked with multiple films but The Matrix was a mega Franchise for her.

The movie is done with the collaboration with Village roadshow Pictures Wachowskis Productions and Silver Pictures and have been working with Warner Bros also. Now, the movie is already in high demand and being an action, scientific movie, it’s pretty obvious that it will become a hit.

Moreover, the movie was originally announced back in 2012 as a part of the Matrix trilogy. However, things didn’t actually work and the movie had to face multiple delays.

But finally, the creators have been teasing some latest updates which conclude that the movie is definitely going to have some major highlights this year. Read the next section to find out everything.

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The Matrix: Resurrections Release Date – When it is Coming out?

The Matrix: Resurrections

The Matrix: Resurrections has been confirmed to release and the fans are awaiting for the movie series to happen. After the fans have waited for so long for the fourth installment of the movie series, it is finally releasing.

With the pandemic happening in 2019, the world has already been affected by the crisis. The pandemic has affected the world, also the cinema world and made the movie to get postponed back to back.

With the movie already having multiple delays, fans get multiple responses and rumors related to the Matrix movie series. Now, it is officially confirmed that the movie has finally got a release date by the officials.

It is confirmed that the Matrix has revealed its release date to be 22 December, 2021. The movie will be available to stream on the popular online streaming platform, HBO. Anyone who owns the prime subscription account of HBO can watch the movie there.

It is not yet confirmed whether the movie will be available in the cinemas or not. As the Delta-variant has already been affecting the people and their lives, there may be some social restrictions.

However there are many movies which are releasing in the Cinemas this year. Let’s wait for the officials to make further proceedings regarding this issue.

The Matrix: Resurrections Plot – What is it About?

The Matrix: Resurrections

Nothing is officially confirmed regarding the story of the action movie, we have been told that The Matrix will follow the story of where the third part ended. With the science and technology meeting with action, I can see that something big is going to happen.

We already know that the movie follows the basic idea of how computers and technology have taken over the world and made humans get in control.

But our superhero is a Matrix and he possesses the ability to change everything that is happening wrong in the world. The unknown plot is making everyone super excited because we have to know what the creators are bringing this time. Aslo the work is performed by Lana, who have previously worked with the mega franchise, I think there would be minor changes in the art of presenting the movie.

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Is there any official Trailer for the Movie?

The trailer would one one of the most awiting parts of the series and for The Matrix, it would definitely. As the movie has already started working for quite a long time and the audience have thought the production has already ended.

Because the official trailer of Top Gun: Maverick was already released back in 2019 and as per the information we know that both the movies have been announced at the same time.

The release date is already there so I am concluding that the official trailer will be released super soon. If you are also one of those people who are waiting for the official trailer to release then don’t worry, because you are not alone.

Bookmark this page to get the updates for the official trailer because whenever it is going to be released, we’ll make sure to tell you.

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