Do You Want to Know The Matrix 5 is a Video Game or Not?

The Matrix Resurrections makes it clear that the Matrix is coming back. The Matrix 5 could be coming out.

In the fourth movie, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, who played Neo and Trinity in the first three movies, are back. This time, they're in another mind-bending adventure that could only have come from Lana Wachowski.

If you don't like the current trend of reboots and series, you might not like Resurrections. At the end, it gives a hint of what might happen in the future. Everything we know so far about a possible new movie:

Keep in mind that there are spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections coming up soon.

The Matrix 5

In the Movie Matrix, What is the Main Point?

Keanu Reeves, who plays the character of Neo in the movie, is the heart of the Matrix series. In the movie, Neo is a computer programmer who may have to fight powerful computers who have made a different world with a system called the Matrix.

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The Cast of The Matrix 5: Who Would be Back for The Matrix 5 Again?

In order to explain who might be back in a fifth movie, we have to talk about some spoilers from The Matrix Resurrections. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read past the picture.

The events of Resurrections didn't happen to Neo and Trinity, so there's a good chance they'll be back again.

If Lana Wachowski wants to make another movie and wants to include Reeves, he'll be back. “If she wanted to do another story and wanted to include me, I would be honoured and grateful. I'd like to see Trinity and Neo, and the world,” he said.

There's more, Moss said “Not at all, not at all. It would be great.”

Almost everyone who played a major role in the movie survived resurrections, so we could expect to see Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, and Neil Patrick Harris again if there was a way for them to be used in the movie.

In this case, the name is Priyanka Chopra. Jonas has already talked about a possible return for Sati in a new movie. : “I would love to see where Sati's character would go and would she be able to find her bigger goal?

Niobe and The Merovingian were also back in the fourth movie. Neither of them could come back in a new movie because the trilogy has been out for 60 years now. It's not likely that we'll see any more returns from those films.

The Matrix 5

One person who didn't show up in Resurrections was Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus. Niobe thinks he died when Zion was destroyed. That doesn't rule out flashbacks, but we don't think it's very likely.

Brian J Smith's Berg and Eréndira Ibarra's Lexy, both of whom worked on Bugs's ship, are two other characters who could return.

It's Not Clear What the Plot of Matrix 5 Will be

While the last Matrix sequel was all about Neo getting Trinity out of the new Matrix, this one is all about Neo. The fifth movie is more likely to be about how they try to change the Matrix for the better, but it is certain that they will have to deal with The Analyst, who doesn't like the idea of a perfect world.

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Matrix 5 Might Happen After Matrix Resurrections, but it's not Sure

As the last Matrix franchise came to an end, it gave a small hint about what might happen in the near future. This left room for fans to think that the Matrix franchise might make a comeback with Matrix 5. A lot of people in the movie's production team aren't saying much about whether the movie will have a sequel or not so far. This means that the new Matrix movie hasn't been officially announced yet.

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How Long Will it take to Make Matrix 5?

No one knows for sure if the movie is going to happen or not. There is a chance, though. Because Matrix Resurrections took about two years for production, it could be thought that Matrix 5 wouldn't come out until 2024.

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A Video Game? Could the Matrix 5 be a Video Game?

The Wachowskis are known for their love of video games. As a part of the Reloaded movie, they worked on Enter the Matrix, which is a tie-in to the movie. They also worked on The Matrix Online, which was released as a follow-up to Revolutions. In addition, Epic Games has just released The Matrix Awakens, a game that lets you play and see how the company's new Unreal 5 game engine works.

The Matrix 5

She said, “Unreal Engine is there!” when asked by IGN if she thought about making another video game. People and technology are more important than money and technology for her, she said. The right people might say, “Let's do something together,” and I might say, “Hell yeah.” But I do things for people.

The Trailer for the Fifth Matrix Movie: Any Footage of The Matrix 5 is out there, Right?

When there isn't any footage from The Matrix 5, it won't surprise anyone. It hasn't even been confirmed, let alone started filming. Sorry.

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