The Man Who Fell to Earth Release Date: Is There a Remake of the Man Who Fell to Earth?

The American science fiction TV show The Man Who Fell to Earth is based on Walter Tevis's 1963 novel of the same name. It was made by Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman. It is a follow-up to the David Bowie movie from 1976. In the show, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays an alien who comes to Earth, and Bill Nighy plays the role that David Bowie played in the 1976 movie.

The Plot of The Man Who Fell to Earth

In The Man Who Fell to Earth, Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Faraday, an alien who lands on Earth while his home planet is fighting for its life. He was sent to meet his struggling mom and brilliant scientist Justin Falls (Naomie Harris) and warn her that his planet is dying and the Earth is headed in the same direction.
Justin agrees to help him, but the two of them have to deal with a lot of problems, including their own inner turmoil, which could cost them their lives and put two worlds in danger.
The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Cast of The Man Who Fell to Earth

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as the alien/Faraday
  • Naomie Harris as Justin Falls
  • Annelle Olaleye as Molly Falls
  • Clarke Peters as Josiah Falls
  • Bill Nighy as Thomas Jerome Newton
  • Jimmi Simpson as Spencer Clay
  • Kate Mulgrew as Drew Finch
  • Sonya Cassidy as Edie Flood
  • Joana Ribeiro as Lisa Dominguez
  • Rob Delaney as Hatch Flood

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The Man Who Fell to Earth Release Date

The Man Who Fell to Earth is a 10-part science-fiction drama that will debut on Showtime in the US on April 24, 2022. The UK channel or release date hasn't been announced yet, but keep an eye on this page because we think the news is coming soon.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Production of The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth, a TV show based on Walter Tevis's book, moved from Hulu to CBS All Access in August 2019. Jenny Lumet and Alex Kurtzman came up with the idea. It had been in development at Hulu for more than a year, but it was moved when Disney bought 21st Century Fox and couldn't figure out how to make co-production work.

In February 2021, Chiwetel Ejiofor was chosen to play the alien/Faraday on the show. The show moved to Showtime the next month, and Naomie Harris, Jimmi Simpson, and Clarke Peters joined the cast. In April, Rob Delaney, Sonya Cassidy, Joana Ribeiro, and Annelle Olayele would join.

Kate Mulgrew started in a recurring role in August. Bill Nighy was chosen in January 2022 to play Thomas Jerome Newton, the part that David Bowie had played in the movie. The first scene was shot in London on May 3, 2021.

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The Man Who Fell to Earth Trailer

Yes, Showtime has released a trailer for The Man Who Fell to Earth, so you can see Chiwetel Ejiofor as an alien from another planet for the first time right here…

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Frequently Asked Questions

American audiences can only watch The Man Who Fell to Earth right now if they have a Showtime subscription. If you are a new subscriber, the first 30 days of Showtime are free.

The Man Who Fell to Earth is a standalone sequel series that uses Nicholas Roeg's 1976 movie as an alternative energy source. The film was based on Walter Tevis's science fiction novel The Man Who Fell to Earth, which came out in 1963. David Bowie played Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien from a galaxy not too far away, who got stuck on Earth.

Is There a Remake of the Man Who Fell to Earth?

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH is a new Showtime series that can be seen around the world on Paramount+. It's not a remake, but a great continuation of the Walter Tevis book and the 1976 movie based on it.

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