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Have you ever seen the horror movie in which person is so scared that they believe the happening or the prank is in real and they do things or killed others by assuming that they have to improve themselves and kill others in a belief to go heaven.

No person who is facing mental illness or even other should be traumatized so much that they believes them and do wrong acts to prove themselves as they are living life after death in real situation. Same thing happens in the Lodge Movie which came out in 2019 and in the US in 2020 at theatres.

Have you already watched this horror movie or not? What happens in the end of the movie? Will Grace is alive after killing two children and her finance who came back to the lodge after completing his work before Christmas.

What do you think children did right or they were bad children as they tortured Grace so much that she believes that they all were dead by pranking her which results them by loosing them life in real.

As Grace already faced mental problems and due to prank which she felt real and she lost thinking due to nerve breakdown and missing medicines, she blames herself and also wants to fix her sins she uses cult practices so that they can be forgiven by the angels and their entry is opened to heaven.

What’s your opinion about this psychological horror film, and whom do you blame for the outcome? Did Grace did all these things intentionally or these deaths are the results of bad children who didn’t work out with Grace as they were angry because her mother (Laura) died when she heard that her husband is planning to marry Grace, the young lady believes in and is raised in a religious cult and she is the only survivor of mass suicide in her past time.

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The Lodge: Release Date

the lodge movie

The Lodge, horror movie was already came at Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2019 and then, the rights of the film was taken by Neon and the movie set to release on November 15 in the same year in U.S. but it and delayed and then finally came on February 7 in 2020 in limited areas and then expanded on February 21, 2020 to release in 320 theatres.

The movie ran for 108 mins which grossed revenue of $3.2 million in all.

The Lodge: Cast Members

the lodge movie

These characters are played in the Lodge film by these actors and they have done excellent acting-

  • Grace Marshall, young lady and the fiance of Richard is played by Riley Keough.
  • Aiden Hall, boy and the son of Richard, is played by Jaeden Martell.
  • Mia Hall daughter of Richard and Laura, is played by Lia McHugh.
  • Laura Hall, mother of both children and the ex-deceased wife of Richard Hall, is played by Alicia Silverstone.
  • Aaron Marshall is played by Danny Keough.

These are the members who played their role in the Lodge 2019 horror movie.

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The Lodge Movie: Watch

You can watch this horror movie in which graces is traumatized by her past on these given platforms-

You can also watch the Lodge movie on Netflix by checking that it is available in your country or not, and on DVD.

Want to Watch “The Lodge” Official Trailer?

Here, I have embedded the official trailer of this horror and scary movie which is given below-

Is There the Lodge 2 or the Sequel of The Lodge Film?

No announcement regarding The Lodge 2 is given and till this moment there is only one movie and no another sequel is there.

Is The Lodge a Ghost or Demonic Movie?

No, there is no ghost or spirits in the movie but it is a psychological horror film in which Grace killed everyone and even her in the last as she was so frightened and traumatized by her past events as she thinks all is happening in real and she believed they all are dead due to monoxide gas which they consumed.

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Is The Lodge Based on True Story?

No, the movie is not based on novel or true story but it featured some of the incidents which we may be seen rarely in real life. Ideas are taken from the real situation and then put it down in the movie and shows Grief, Trauma and a dark horror of the family.

The Lodge: Ratings and Reviews

the lodge movie


On this viewership for the movie is growing and this 2019 and 2020 film received 6.1 ratings out of 10 with 650 user reviews written on IMDB and the tagline of this horror film is “You’re not welcome here” and the movie got “R” age rating for its horror scenes, bloody images and some violence.

On Rotten Tomatoes

On this 74% Tomatometer Ratings with 176 reviews and an audience score of 51% with 250+ verified ratings.

Last Lines

The Lodge is a good movie to watch and there is also a time jumps in the movie but I recommend that children below 13 age would not watch the movie due to some adult scenes and violence which was seen in the film.

After watching this movie you can watch the owners, he’s out there and many other movies which I have suggested above.

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