The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2 Release Date Confirmed!


Production businesses, especially streaming ones, are continuously looking for fresh ideas for their vast portfolios. One revolutionary series was adapted from nothing. It's a game adaptation, but it's based on one extensive Dungeons & Dragons gameplay and can't be played. A campaign voiced by some of the industry's best. Thus, one of the most popular film and television Kickstarter campaigns ever created The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1.

It follows an odd group of bar-hopping miscreants who become the realm's guards and face the kingdom's greatest threats in a mystical fantasy country full of magic and evil dragons. The Vox Machina party will soon return to screens with more mischief. Here's all we know about Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina.


Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina will premiere on Prime Video on January 20 at 12 a.m. ET. For those on the West Coast, the show will air on Thursday, January 19 at 9 p.m. PT. The first three episodes of Season 2 will be released simultaneously on the streaming service.

Each subsequent week will include a new set of three instalments. Based on Critical Role's inaugural live-streamed tabletop RPG campaign, the show features fan-favorite characters and exciting new adventures.

The synopsis for Season 2 states, “In Season 2, after saving the realm from evil and destruction at the hands of the most terrifying power couple in Exandria, Vox Machina is faced with saving the world once again—this time, from a sinister group of dragons known as the Chroma Conclave,”.

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Who Will Reprise Their Role in Season 2?

Characters from the first season will undoubtedly return, and their voice actors will do the same.

  • Laura Bailey as Vex'ahlia
  • Taliesin Jaffe as Percival
  • Ashley Johnson as Pike Trickfoot
  • Matthew Mercer as Trinket
  • Liam O'Brien as Vax'ildan
  • Marisha Ray as Keyleth of the Air Ashari
  • Sam Riegel as Scanlan Shorthalt
  • Travis Willingham as Grog Strongjaw

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2

Produced by Amazon Studios, Critical Role, and Titmouse exclusively for Prime Video, The Legend of Vox Machina is a must-see show. The actors from Critical Role are also executive producing the show alongside people like Brandon Auman, Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, and Ben Kalina.

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What Will Be the Storyline of the Upcoming Season?


You know the drill if you've ever played Dungeons & Dragons: a band of adventurers, whether they be friends or mercenaries or complete strangers, gathers in a bar to take a job for pay. It provides the impetus for the campaign to begin, a purpose for the characters to meet, and an objective they must work in the face of overwhelming adversity.

The mission of the Vox Machina team is to track down and destroy the creature responsible for the city's terror. The council of Tal'Dorei sends them go with little instructions. After confirming their worst fears and learning that the beast is a massive blue dragon, the party works together to devise a strategy for defeating it. As a result, the council recognises them as heroes and provides them with a residence of their own.

The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2

We then follow the group to the hometown of one of its members, where they plan to overthrow the terrible pair in charge and return the city to its former grandeur. Without getting too deep into spoilers, let's just say there's a lot of bickering between the gang, a lot of combat with opponents, and a lot of deaths.

As the final scene of the episode fades to black, four dragons are seen flying toward the city and our heroes. This is where Season 2 will pick up. The following is Amazon's official slogan.

The Chroma Conclave is a collection of dragons with a singular goal: the annihilation of the planet Exandria. It appears that the fate of the planet rests in the hands of the unlikely yet kinship-bound band of mercenaries-turned-heroes who must devise a plan to vanquish the dragons.

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The Legend of Vox Machina Season 2: Trailer

In the trailer video for The Legend of Vox Machina, the realm faces an assault from what may be its worst enemies to date: dragons. This is going to be a tough battle for the Vox Machina crew, as we witnessed in Season 1 that they had difficulties with only one dragon, let alone four.

We also know these aren't the benevolent flying lizards of, say, the How to Train Your Dragon series; the dragons in this world can turn human and seek vengeance on the other humanoids they believe have usurped their country. The trailer starts off rather seriously and dramatically, but the show's lighthearted spirit soon emerges as the team figures out how to stop these dragons while drinking and having a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Series Return for Season 3?

Season 2 is not the final chapter of this campaign. The Legend of Vox Machina has been renewed for a third season, ensuring that this animated epic extravaganza will not soon be coming to an end. This news was announced at New York Comic Con.

Who is Producing the Series?

Together with returning executive producer Chris Prynoski and showrunner Brandon Auman, the business Critical Role will maintain a strong involvement in the development of the series. Prynoski and Auman will contribute to the series as writers by adapting the Critical Role campaign.

Where to Stream It?

The Legend of Vox Machina returns for its second season on Amazon Prime Video a year after its first episode aired.