The Last of Us: Who Are the Main Characters?

The Last of Us is a gaming masterpiece. The Last of Us is a very moving story about a cross-country trip through a zombie-infested America. It is a mix of Children of Men and The Road. Even though all of the zombie stuff is great, the game got most of its praise for its great writing, great acting, and interesting characters.

It’s no secret that the writing in video games isn’t always the best. Video games aren’t usually at the top of the list when it comes to entertainment and the stories they tell. But games like The Last of Us are slowly changing that idea with their gripping stories and interesting characters that change the entire gaming landscape.

Here’s what you need to know about The Last of Us’s good and bad characters.

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller

The Last of Us

One of the two main characters in The Last of Us, played by Pedro Pascal, is Joel Miller. In the world after the end of the world, Joel is a survivor who goes through a lot of emotional turmoil after losing his teenage daughter at the start of the outbreak. The leader of the Fireflies resistance group, Marlene, gives him the job of taking Ellie across the United States from Boston, where the story starts.

Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams

The Last of Us

Bella Ramsey plays Ellie Williams, a teenage orphan who has been bitten by an infected person but is immune to the virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures. So, she has been told to go with Joel to a lab, where she can hopefully be looked at and a cure found.

Merle Dandridge as Marlene

Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies resistance group in Boston, is played by Merle Dandridge. The Fireflies are a democratic group that is trying to get rid of FEDRA, which they see as a fascist group that is hurting the people who still live in the quarantine zones after the end of the world. When Marlene finds out that Ellie is immune to the virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures, she makes a plan to get Ellie to a place where she can be properly examined and the data used to make a cure.

Gabriel Luna as Tommy

The Last of Us

Tommy doesn’t have much screen time in The Last of Us, but he still stands out. Tommy is Joel’s brother, but they are no longer close. After they had a fight, Tommy moved out west to join the Fireflies. He and his wife now run a power plant in Wyoming. Gabriel Luna plays Tommy on the HBO show The Last of Us.

Tommy is a lot like his brother Joel in many ways, but he is also different in many important ways. He is willing to honour Sarah’s memory by giving Joel a picture of his dead daughter, which Joel quickly throws back in his face. This may be the most important thing about him. Also, Tommy’s anger and desire for revenge after Joel’s death put him in the same group as the player in the second game. This makes him a much more complicated character than in the first part of The Last of Us.

Storm Reid as Riley


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Riley, Ellie’s best friend, is played by Storm Reid. Their relationship is explored in an episode of The Last of Us on HBO that reimagines what happened in the video game’s Left Behind expansion. Riley has gone missing in the story, but one night he comes back to see Ellie. They spend time together in a mall that has been closed down and talk about what will happen next.

Storm Reid is still fairly new, but she has been very busy over the past few years.

Nick Offerman as Bill

The Last of Us

Nick Offerman plays Bill, a survivalist—okay, a “doomsday prepper”—who lives in his own little gated town and protects it with deadly traps and a huge number of guns. In the game, Bill helps Joel and Ellie get a car battery to help them get where they’re going. However, the HBO version of The Last of Us tells Bill’s story in a very different way.

In The Last of Us, these are the main characters. Check out our guide to The Last of Us episodes and ——————–to  find out more about the upcoming horror series.