The Last of Us: Troy Baker Will Do Anything to Be in Season 2!

It’s not surprising that everyone wants to join the cast of The Last of Us as it’s one of the best TV shows in recent years.

Characters in The Last of Us do not have exceptionally long life spans. The nature of a thriller series featuring a post-apocalyptic world overrun by rabid Clickers and Bloaters does not encourage performers to secure lucrative roles that will last for years.

That has undoubtedly been the case with the TV show thus far, with performers other than Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie disappearing like flies. In a drama series like this, it’s simpler to avoid becoming overly attached.

Considering that he supplied Joel’s voice in the video games that served as the series’ inspiration, Troy Baker has a lengthy history with The Last of Us. In the most recent episode, he finally made his appearance as James.

The Last of Us

Nonetheless, Baker is optimistic that this won’t be his only role. He is vying for a part in The Last of Us season 2 and has cited Garret Dillahunt from Deadwood as an example of a character actor who has performed multiple roles in a single programme.

According to him, that is similar to the Gary Oldman effect, when you can simply vanish into a part and people don’t even recognize that it’s you, he said to Inverse. if there is a chance for me to do so. I would adore it and like watching the amazed reactions of others. If they tell me, “You have to shave your head and lose 20 pounds by tomorrow,” I will comply with both demands. I would really like to do it, but it will be really harmful.

Who knows, perhaps there will be a chance for me to do that? If so, that’s excellent. Yet, I’m also comfortable and glad to simply watch because this is one of the best stories to do so.

There aren’t many The Last of Us fans, for one thing, who would oppose Baker becoming more involved with the project as time goes on.

The song “Take On Me” by A-ha is used in The Last of Us episode 7 to hint at some big things that will happen to Ellie in season 2. In The Last of Us episode 7, Ellie’s past with Riley is shown through a lot of flashbacks. This helps explain what happened after Joel got hurt. Up until this point in The Last of Us season 1, there have been hints about Riley. Episode 7 finally shows the truth about her and Ellie’s past together.

The bulk of The Last of Us episode 7 takes place in a mall in the Boston QZ. On what will be their last night together, Riley shows Ellie what the mall was like before the outbreak. In The Last of Us episode 7’s flashback timeline, Ellie and Riley are playing on the escalators when A-1980s ha’s hit “Take On Me” starts playing. This may seem like a meaningless song choice that just tries to match the fun mood of the escalator scene, but it is actually very important to the world of The Last of Us and how season 2 will be set up.

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