The Last of Us Showrunners Stand Firm on Bella Ramsey Casting for Season 2!

The creators of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, would want to address a topic of discussion in the fandom that has just come to their attention. Druckmann firmly said, “Let’s put this thing to rest,” during a virtual news conference that was broadcast on Zoom before the season finale.

It appears that a sizable portion of The Last of Us viewers believed Bella Ramsey, the show’s lead would be replaced after season 2. The assumption was supported by the fact that season 1 focused on the video game’s The Last of Us events from 2013, and season 2 will at least begin adapting those same events for The Last of Us Part II in 2020. Between the games, there is a five-year time gap, during which Ellie’s age visibly shifts from 14 to 19.

Ramsey being recast in season 2 is something both Mazin and Druckmann are fiercely opposed to. When Ramsey was brought up in regard to the games’ time jump, they noted that she is currently 19 years old, making her the same age as Ellie in Part II. This also indicates that by the time filming for season 2 begins, Ramsey will be even older.

One of the challenging aspects of casting is that we invite people to participate in the process even though we are the only ones who are aware of all the production’s secrets and everyone else is only aware of what they know, which is the game, according to Mazin. In addition to knowing what to do with the actor’s spirit and soul, we also know what to do with their outfit, makeup, and hair.

Mazin recalled several fans criticising that Ramsey didn’t resemble the game character when she joined the cast at the age of 17. “That doesn’t matter, I say. Watch! Just keep an eye on what transpires,” they were told “said he. “I believe that anxiousness continues to beat like a drum. All I can say to folks is that I’m incredibly anxious about finishing this. Just know that I share your anxiety. If you’re worried about anything, I’m usually worried about it too, therefore we’re probably discussing and thinking about it together.”

The Last of Us

Season 2 “will be different” from Part II, Mazin added. He remarked, “It will be different just like this season has been [from the first game]]. “Sometimes it will change drastically, and other times it won’t change at all. Nonetheless, it will be distinct from other things and will be its own entity. It won’t be a carbon copy of the game. The programme will be what Neil and I wish to produce. But Bella is helping us succeed.”

Druckmann added his voice to the discussion. “I thought we were quite fortunate when we created the game. We discovered Ashley Johnson like lightning in a bottle, and I can’t picture anyone else being that Ellie “Regarding the actress who created the part, he remarked. “And then, somehow, Bella became the lightning in the bottle again.”

Bella would only be recast if she explicitly stated that she no longer wanted to work with the cast, he continued. “Even then, we’re not certain if we would give it to her. She might yet be compelled to return for season 2.”