“The Last of Us” Episode 5 Will Be Released Two Days Early on HBO Max

Joel and Ellie will return to your television sooner than you think. This Friday, February 10, Episode 5 of The Last of Us, HBO’s critically acclaimed and frequently viewed thriller, will premiere on HBO on Demand and HBO Max.

Curious as to how you can view this new episode and why this shift is occurring? We’ve got your back. Here is all you need to know about how to watch Episode 5 of The Last of Us, whether you want to watch it early or on Sunday.

When Will HBO and HBO Max Release The Last of Us Episode 5?

This week, you will receive a double dose of The Last of Us. The fifth episode of the HBO staple will premiere on HBO on Demand and HBO Max on February 10. Similar to Sundays, this new episode will broadcast at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central Time.

Want to keep your Sunday night groove intact? Don’t fret. Episode 5 will also be broadcast on Sunday, February 12 on HBO’s linear channels.

"The Last of Us" Episode 5 Will Be Released Two Days Early on HBO Max

The episode, titled “Endure and Survive,” references something Ellie says to Joel in the game. After a major battle, she quotes the comic she’s been reading, Savage Starlight: “To the edge of the cosmos and back. “Persevere and survive” This forthcoming broadcast will act as part two of this show’s Kansas City segment.

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Why is the Last of Us Episode 5 Premiering on Friday?

All of this is due to the Super Bowl. Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 p.m. ET, the Chiefs and Eagles will square off. The game is anticipated to take approximately three and a half hours, which will interfere with The Last of Us’ normal Sunday night block. By postponing this week’s program to Sunday, HBO avoids competing with the biggest football game.

The Trailer of The Last of Us Episode 5

What Happens Next in The Last of Us for Joel and Ellie?

Melanie Lynskey and Jeffrey Pierce will make their series debuts this week as the show prepares to tackle the Pittsburgh leg of the game. Kathleen, portrayed by Lynskey, is an original character who appears to be a significant threat to Joel and Ellie as they attempt to evade her and her men in the town.

"The Last of Us" Episode 5 Will Be Released Two Days Early on HBO Max

If this is actually the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone chapter, it’s already shaping up to be another break from the game by giving some of the town’s raiders names and personalities as opposed to merely producing a random assortment of enemies for the couple to face.

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The Last of Us has recently been extended for a second season, which bodes well for the series’ long-term viability. Druckmann and Mazin still have an abundance of material to draw from, such as the Left Behind DLC, which follows Ellie in a flashback as she recalls her days with her close friend and love interest Riley, and The Last of Us Part II, which takes place years later and explores the cycle of revenge between Ellie, Joel, and a new character named Abby.