The Last of Us Surprises Fans With a Bonus Episode From Season One!

The first season of “The Last of Us” ended a few days ago with an excellent ninth episode that was full of references to the video game.

With this, HBO Max has solidified its position as one of the best streaming services for its own shows, which isn’t hard to do since almost everything it touches turns to gold.

Fans like the platform even more now that they have shared some extra content.

Because the next season wasn’t supposed to come out until mid- to late-2024, HBO wanted to give the more than eight million people who watch the show an extra episode of the first season that serves as a documentary of the series.

The Last of Us Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of The Last of Us, called “Look for the Light,” started with a flashback to Ellie’s birth, where her story began.

Her mother Anna, played by Ellie’s video game voice actress Ashley Johnson, went into labour at the worst possible time, right when an Infected runner attacked her and bit her while she and Ellie were still connected by the umbilical cord. This is why Ellie is immune to the Cordyceps infection.

Back in the present-day show, we pick up Joel and Ellie’s story a few weeks after their ordeal with David’s cannibalistic community and that heartbreaking reunion scene between Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

The Last of Us

They have finally made it to Salt Lake City, where they hope to find a cure for the infection in the Fireflies’ lab. After meeting a giraffe that made them cry, they are caught by the Fireflies and taken prisoner.

Joel was knocked out during the fight. When he wakes up, he finds out that Ellie is getting ready for surgery, which she is unlikely to survive because her brain will need to be taken out to be looked at.

Joel doesn’t want to lose another person who is like his daughter, so he takes matters into his own hands and turns on the Fireflies, killing everyone who stands between him and Ellie, even the doctor who is about to do the procedure.

Joel is able to save Ellie, but in doing so, he might stop people from ever finding a cure for the Cordyceps infection. He also hurts Ellie’s feelings, since she thought it was her job to die for the good of humanity.

Will There Be the Last of Us Season 1 Have a Bonus Episode 10?

No, season 1 of The Last of Us will not have a tenth episode. Instead, the HBO version ends with the ninth chapter, which is similar to how the game ended because Joel and Ellie’s last conversation also ends abruptly, leaving viewers to think about what they just saw.

The Last of Us

Craig Mazin, who helped make The Last of Us, said on the show’s official podcast that the show was supposed to have 10 episodes at first.

But that changed when HBO suggested putting the first two chapters together to make the super-sized premiere. This was done to help build momentum and make sure that Joel and Ellie met in the first episode, which wasn’t the case at first.

The New Episode of the Last of Us is a Documentary

The 31-minute documentary is called “Making of The Last of Us,” and it tells the story of how the first season was filmed in front of and behind the cameras, with the cast, directors, and other members of the filming crew making appearances.

The actors from the show, like Pedro Pascal (Joel), Bella Ramsey (Ellie), Gabriel Luna (Tommy), Anna Torv (Tess), Merle Dandridge (Marlene), Rutina Wesley (Maria), Ashley Johnson (Anna), Jeffrey Pierce (Perry), and Storm Reid, are also important to the documentary (Riley).

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, the directors of the video game and the adaptation talked about the second season on the show’s official podcast a few days ago:

They said, “Moments and people can stay the same or change.”

“We’ll do whatever it takes to get the story from one medium to the other.

“We’ll also take advantage of the freedoms we have on TV that we didn’t have in the game, like the ability to switch points of view.

“So, we’ll use what we can in a new medium to tell that story, and we’ll go through the same process of adapting.

“It’s us again, and Peter and Belle will be there, too. Blood will be shed.”

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