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Last Update On 27th January

The Kings Avatar is a donghua ONA series that was initially aired in 2017. It is a light novel series. Are you in search of any trending light novel series? If you are searching then let me tell you one thing that here your search is complete.

Here is everything you would like to know about one of the most trending light novel series i.e. The Kings Avatar Season 2. The series reveals the fictional esports scene in China. The Kings Avatar Season 2 revolves around a multiplayer video game which is online called Glory.

The Kings Avatar Season 2

“We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”

Playing games with full enthusiasm is my hobby and I’m sure you all also like to play games with your friends or family members to refresh your mind.

Let’s have a look over the article which contains all the relevant info about The Kings Avatar Season 2 which has the story of games.

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Series Name

Kings Avatar Season 2

Genre Esports, Youth
Director Shi Yiyue
Streaming Platform Tencent Video
Release Date 25th September,2020
Script Writer  Qiao Bingqing

The Kings Avatar Season 2

What Is The Kings Avatar Season 2?

I told you earlier that The Kings Avatar Season 2 is a light novel series based on games and entertainment. The Kings Avatar Season 2 is also known as Quanzhi Gaoshou Season 2 in Chinese. It is written by Hu Dylan and directed by Ke Xiong. The Kings Avatar Season 2 is produced by a Chinese internet company, Tencent.

The show was produced by a Chinese Animation studio named, G. C. May Animation. Let’s have a look over the storyline of The Kings Avatar Season 2.

What happened in The Kings Avatar Season 2? | The Plotline of the 2nd Season of The Kings Avatar

What is it about?

As I already told you that, The Kings Avatar Season 2 spins around an online video game called Glory.

The 2nd Season of The Kings Avatar follows the story of Ye Xiu, a veteran at Glory. He is a long-standing player of this game. Even Ye was considered as the best professional Glory player at his time. He used to captain a team named Excellent Era.

The Kings Avatar Season 2

Moreover, he was forced to resign from the team and leave his competitive gaming career. This is just because he was not willing to take part in any sponsorship to get profit for his team. Then, Ye started working as a manager on the night shift in the Happy Internet Café. He came to know that the owner of the Cafe, Chen Guo wants to start his own esports team.

It was not a long time when Ye left the game but he dives into the game again when Glory enters the 10th server. Instead of using his old character, Ye creates a new named Lord Grim and begins afresh. Ye again starts playing games and regains old skills and his achievements. That catches the attention of so many players who begin to wonder about Lord Grim’s real identity. He has 10 years of experience in Glory still he starts facing problems like afresh with no team.

Moreover, Ye also has to contend with various changes that are introduced in the game. Along with these hurdles, Ye manages everything to get his popularity and demand back and also makes new friends in the game. Very soon, he starts passing the way to become one of the best Glory players. The show reveals his exploits in the world of games.

Cast/ Characters of The Kings Avatar Season 2

  • Jiang Shuying as Chen Guo
  • Li Yujie as Tang Rou
  • Lai Yi as Bao Rongxing
  • Fan Jinwei as Qiao Yifa
  • Yang Tingdong as Mo Fan
  • Li Junchen as An Wenyi
  • Bai Xiang as Wei Chen
  • Sing Hanyu as Wu Chen

The above mentioned are the main characters that are to be appreciated.

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When The Kings Avatar Season 2 be on our screen?| The Release Date of the 2nd Season of the Kings Avatar

At present, the exact release date is officially announced yet. But we don’t have a official statement about the premiere date of the series. But in January 2020, it was assumed that the series would come in that year but due to the pandemic situation, it was not renewed at that time.

The Kings Avatar Season 2

But as per the demand and popularity of The Kings Avatar Season 2, it has been expected that the 2nd installment of The Kings Avatar would sometime in the Future. According to wikipedia the sitcom has been released on its original network Tencent QQ on 25th September, 2020.

Is There Any Trailer for The Kings Avatar Season2?

With this video, you will get to know more about The Kings Avatar. As the official trailer of the series is not out yet.

Final Words

The Kings Avatar Season 2 is one of the best light novel series which is based on television online video games. It is liked by millions of fans but currently, no official info related to The Kings Avatar Season 2 is out yet. So, let’s wait for the series to come.

Now presently, we need to end this post, if you want to know more about the web series and other information related to it then visit our website