The Isle Movie: Cast, Plot, Trailers & Updates!

Updated As on  28 January 2022

Do you adore Korean films? On the off chance that, so you are clearly going to adore our today’s post which is inspired by the Isle movie a 2000’s Korean dramatization of Kim Ki Dug.

So we should begin with the significant names behind the film.

The film is directed and written by  Kim Ki-Duk. Kim is not a very famous director at that time when he started with Isle.

The Isle is his fifth movie and also his first film that received wide international acclaim for his now recognizable style.

Lee Eun is the production partner of the film, however, the film’s production company is Myung Films.

the isle movie

The Isle Movie- Complete Storyline Explained!

The main story revolves around the Hee-Jin, who runs a catching-fish resort. Hee used to sell small-scale or compacted size cottages and ferries for the customers.

The girl also used to send prostitutes to the locals who want them, on the other hand, she also used to do the act in order to get some money.

One day, Hyun Shik comes to the tourist trap where he meets Hee-Jin. He entered the haunt. That day when Hyun is visiting the float, he decided to call a prostitute, however, he is against all this, he only wants to talk with her in order to find a companion for herself. From the day, Hee and prostitutes develop a relationship.

Hee saves the Hyun from suicide two times, at first, Hyun swelled a fish-string which is used to catch the fishes, he does this in order to kill himself. The hooker used to spend a lot of time with Hyun in order to strengthen their bond. Her act makes Hee-Jin jealous of this.

The angry Hee-jin decided to take the prostitute to the float ideas Hyun-Shik’s. When both of them went there, he tapes around her mouth to shut her!! After this she falls into the water later she died.
the isle movie

On the very next morning, Hee-Jin finds out the body of the hooker in the water. He decided to tied her dead body immediately with her motorbike. The hustlers came out to find out what is happening there but after a fight with Hee-Jin, he drawn into the water and later killed by Jin.

In the wake of knowing how insidious Hee-Jin is, Hyun-Shik’s chosen to leave the buoy however Jin didn’t need him to leave. The story is very confounding when you watch it yet adequate you not to leave the screens.

Who Are In The The Isle Movie?

Being a Korean Movie, The Isle has various Korean stars in it, Alex Hassel as Oliver Gosling, Conleth Hill as Douglas Innis, Tori Hart as Lanthe Innis, Fisayo Akinade as Cailean Ferris, Graham Butler as Jim Bickley, and Emma King as Persephone is there in the film.

Some other individual from the film is Ben Lee as Billy Innis, Louis Devereux, Hughena MacPhee as Musell, Dickon Tyrell as Finghal Mac.

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Where We Can Watch The Isle Movie?

On-demand the movie is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Acron Tv.

If you haven’t watched the film yet then you can begin with the official teaser of the film here.

Evaluations of The Isle Movie-

Now it’s time to check the rating meter, starting with the IMDb rating, the Isle secures a fair score of 7 out of 10, which is not bad whereas the Rotten Tomato has graded the drama with 78%.

However, the audience feels that the movie is creepy, gruesome, gorgeous, and flabbergasting with a pinch of romance in it.

Have you seen the movie? If you have watched the Isle Movie, then share your experience with us in the comment section.

Final Words-

The movie hasn’t done so well in its native origin. However, the Isle movie has been added to the first Korean movies to be introduced in the contest classification of the Venice Film Festival, following Im Kwon-taek’s Surrogate Woman, and Jang Sun-woo’s Lies.

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