The in Between: What Exactly Happens in the Interval Between the Start and the End?

The American science fiction romance film The In Between will come out in 2022. It was written by Marc Klein, and Arie Posin was in charge of the movie. This month, a lot of interesting titles are coming out on the streaming platform, and this one is pretty unique.

The movie was written by Marc Klein and directed by Arie Posin. Robbie Brenner, Andrew Deane, and Joey King made the movie. It was also made with help from Paramount Players, and Paramount+ is in charge of putting it on stage. Now that the movie is on Netflix, let’s take a quick look at the cast, the story, and other parts of the movie.

The In Between Release Date

On February 11, 2022, the movie was shown for the first time on Paramount+ in the US. But after April 8, 2022, everyone in the world will only be able to watch it on Netflix. The movie will last for 115 minutes.

The Cast of The in Between

  • Joey King as Tessa
  • Kyle Allen as Skylar
  • Kim Dickens as Vickie
  • John Ortiz as Mel
  • Celeste O’Connor as Shannon
  • Donna Biscoe as Doris
  • April Parker Jones as Jasmine

The in Between

What Exactly Happens in the Interval Between the Start and the End?

The movie starts in the present when Tessa is in the hospital recovering from surgery to fix her broken heart. Through flashbacks, we learn that she met a handsome stranger at the beginning of the summer at a movie theatre. He sat down next to her and explained what the French movie was about.

Through the past timeline, we learn that Tessa loves photography and had a hard time in her past. (We find out later that her mother left her fiance Mel and their daughter, but that her fiance couldn’t adopt Tessa because the government wouldn’t let him.

Tessa went to live with a foster family until Mel got married and could legally adopt her. She is smart, but she doesn’t use colors or take pictures of people. Her teacher tells her to find something she likes to learn about.

Tessa starts to experience weird things in the present, like hearing Skylar’s voice. Her nurse says it’s because she’s sad, but she tells Tessa to talk to Doris, an older patient who has written a lot about death and the afterlife. Doris tells Tessa that Skylar is trying to talk to her, but Tessa is too upset to talk, so she walks away.

She goes back to school after she gets out of the military, and her art teacher still tells her to try to get into a good art school. Tessa was upset after the accident, so she threw her camera in a lake and threw away all of her photos. Mel told her to stop.

When she goes to a crew meet to take pictures and sees Skylar on the team from the other school, we learn more about how she and Skylar feel about each other. When Skylar’s mother talks to him, she tells him that he looked up Tessa online because he liked her blue eyes.

Tessa isn’t afraid of anything. Instead, she agrees to go out with them, and over the summer, the three of them start dating. Skylar believes that love and happy endings are always possible, but Tessa is much more jaded and realistic about relationships.

Tessa is developing old photos right now. As she does this, Skyler’s face shows up next to hers on the print, but the fixing chemical doesn’t work, so the photo disappears.

Later, when Tessa is taking the SATs, her hand starts to be moved by something from outside this world. Later, her and Skylar’s song starts playing loudly on every student’s phone in the room. This finally convinces Tessa and her best friend Shannon (Celeste O’Connor, Ghostbusters: Afterlife) that Skylar is trying to talk to them.

When Tessa tells Vickie she’s afraid of falling in love and worried she’s messing things up with Skylar, Shannon looks up different ways to talk to the dead, like using a planchette.

Tessa looks in the mirror, or they could both be wearing sunglasses and staring at a TV screen that doesn’t move. Even though they can’t see anything, they can see Skylar’s shape in the static after they leave.

Tessa and her adoptive mother Vickie share a moment in the past. She goes to make up with Skylar after they fought about his parents’ upcoming divorce, but then she finds out that Skylar wants to go to college in Oregon, which is on the other side of the country from the art school Tessa has chosen. This starts another fight.

The in Between

Back in the present, Tessa is supposed to give Vickie the car, but the car’s Satnav shows that it’s going to Doris’ house, which it did on its own. Doris tells Tessa that Skylar has talked to her and is trying to find her in the places where they both felt the most love. This will allow her to move between the living and the dead.

Shannon gives Tessa a fancy camera so she can catch Skylar’s ghost. Tessa goes to all the places we’ve seen in flashbacks. She finally gets through in the second-to-last spot, but she is caught trespassing and sent home before she can go on.

She gets into a fight with Mel and Vickie, and then Tessa passes out. They rush her to the hospital, where the doctor tells them that the stitches in her heart have come loose and she needs surgery in the morning.

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In Tessa’s hospital room, Shannon and Tessa’s phones are linked. Both phones ring at the same time, and neither person calls first. Tessa calls Shannon and asks her to come to get her out of the hospital and drive her to the lake, which is the final destination.

Shannon agrees, but as they drive, the GPS tells them that their destination is where the accident happened. Tessa gets out of the car and passes out. Then, she has an out-of-body experience in which she meets the ghost of Skylar.

He helps her remember what happened right before the crash, so she will know that she was able to tell him she loved him right before he died. Their spirits sort of travel through their memories and to new places, like Paris.

But at some point, Tessa realizes that she has to choose to live, so she tells Skylar goodbye and wakes up in a hospital bed. When Skylar gives a photography presentation as part of her application to a prestigious art school, her ghost still follows her.

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The In Between Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the in Between Be on Netflix?

Netflix has bought the international rights to the Joey King movie The In Between, which is a Paramount+ Original. The movie will come out in April 2022 as a Netflix Original. On February 11, the sci-fi romance movie will be available on Paramount+. It was led by Arie Posin, and Marc Klein wrote the script.

Is the in Between Movie Sad?

This love story was very sad, but in the end, they did get together. “I just watched The In Between on Netflix, and I think I cried the whole time,” said a third person.

Where Can I Find the Movie the in Between?

On Friday, February 11, you will only be able to stream The In-Between through Paramount+.