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The Hangover 4 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

Updated On 26 January 2022

I am sure you all love comedy movies and series. And I am sure you must have watched Hangover too. 

Have you ever watched The Hangover ? If yes, then you must be knowing how interesting it is, right? 

The Hangover” is a American comedy film  created by Legendary Pictures , Green Hat Films , and originated in the United States.  

  • The first season of The Hangover was released on 26 June 2009.
  •  The second season of The Hangover was released on 26 May 2011.
  • The third season of The Hangover was released on 20 May 2013.

When Is the Premiere Release Date for the Hangover Season 4 ?

The Hangover 4

The way they created the third part pretty much closed the series as the whole but the viral post Hangover:4 pretty much made all of us crave for more of it. 

Now, it’s around more than 7 years so it is very hard to say if it is coming or not until there are any official announcements.

What Does the Expected Cast Think about a Fourth Hangover Film ?

The Hangover 4

  • Bradley Cooper as Phil (a teacher and the leader of the Wolfpack) 
  • Ed Helms as Stu (a dentist)
  • Zach Galifianakis as Alan (Doug’s socially inept, future brother-in-law)
  • Justin Bartha as Doug (the groom) 
  • Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow (a flamboyant Chinese gangster)
  • Rachael Harris as Melissa (Stu’s domineering girlfriend)
  • Mike Tyson as Himself. 
  • Heather Graham as Jade (a stripper)
  • Sasha Barrese as Tracy (Doug’s bride)
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Sid (Tracy’s and Alan’s father)

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The Hangover: About the Movie

The Hangover 4

Before Further releases in The Hangover series, there are already three movie releases. The initial story begins with three friends who woke up after a bachelor party and have no memory of it because of all the alcohol and drinks they had and the groom is also missing after the party. All three of the friends go back to where they started and relive the whole day to understand and remember what happened and being back the groom before the wedding. 

The whole journey starts from them going to the hospital where they found out that they were drugged which caused their memory loss. This led them to know that they came there from a chapel. Then they go to chapel where they find that Stu, one of the friends, got married to a stripper despite having a girlfriend Melissa. 

Imdb : 7.7 out of 10. (Season 1)

When they leave the chapel they get attacked by gangsters and they are looking for someone. They ran away and found Jade. Another flowing event happened where they found Mr. Chow, who hit them with a rod, Alan realizes that he drugged everyone and tells them too. 

Then they return to their hotel where Mike Tyson has sent the note to return his tiger which again they have no idea because of memory loss. Other events happened and they searched for the groom, Doug. They arrived a little late at the wedding but despite that they got married. 

Imdb : 6.4 out of 10. (Season 2)

This was the first part of the movie where in the second part after a few years, Stu is now getting married with his fiance Lauren and after many events at last Stu and Lauren get married even after almost getting the wedding cancelled. Looking at the first two movies, one can think what comic level will be in the third one which one can check on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Imdb : 5.8 out of 10.

Season Name The Hangover Season 4
Genre Comedy
Release Date Unknown
Director Todd Phillips

The Hangover Trilogy: Trailer

Here is the trailer for Season 1,2 and 3.

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Final Words:

Let’s end up with this article. Till now you understand and know about this American comedy drama television series.

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